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Simplifying Google Business Profile Management

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Our client has a prominent business in South Africa and faced the challenge of simplifying the management of Google Business Profiles across multiple locations.


Our client observed that having stores at various locations was tough for people to manage their business profiles. In this vastly growing digital world where people can easily view every detail of all the business over the internet, all businesses need to stay up to date digitally. Google's business profile is one of them. Managing the Google Business Profile for each location is very time-consuming and tedious. It takes lots of human effort to manage a single business profile that eventually leads businesses to invest in them. The client asked us to create a store management software that helps people manage their Google Business Profile of multiple stores in a single place, ultimately assisting people to generate more sales and gain attention.


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Addressing our client’s requirement, our team of ASP.NET developers suggested developing a store management tool that makes it easier for people to manage all the Google business profiles of multiple stores in one place. The tool allows for adding details of various stores and helps the user maintain them effectively.

Key Features: 

  • Add Stores: Allows users to add simple store details on the website and the rest of the work. Our postal manager digitizes the user’s business by creating a Google Business Profile.
  • Create and Manage Campaigns: Post social media content across various platforms for multiple locations.
  • Post Schedule: This feature helps the user schedule the post. Users can set a preferred time to post, and the post will automatically get posted on the timeline set for selected locations across selected publishers, including Facebook, as part of a Facebook post or published on Google.
  • Users: The Admin users (Owners of the business) will have the right to add other team members and control access to specific modules.
  • Gauge: This tool helps the user provide all the graphical reports in PDF form and analyze their business ups and downs in a concise amount of time.
  • Automatic Reply to Reviews: Google services like Pub-Sub import all Google reviews into the website and publish them on this platform. From here, the user can set rules and reply to all the reviews in one go.
  • Real-time Integration: Effortlessly keep your website and Google Business Profile in sync. Any changes you make on your website will instantly update your Google Business Profile.
  • Store Locator: This multi-store location management software solution helps to showcase their business through Google Maps. One can completely change the styling of the map, including a map view, and pointer image, same as their business logo, colour, etc. It is one of the most remarkable ways to showcase all the service areas of the business for a particular location on a map. The Store Locator is one of the easiest ways to get all detailed information about the company in a specific location, including details like media, reviews, orders online, and opening and closing times for the store or calls for inquiry. All amenities are being provided for that particular location, as well as many more.


Our store management software has helped users effectively manage their businesses across multiple locations from a convenient platform. It simplifies the management of Google Business Profiles, saving time and cost while enhancing the online presence and customer engagement.

  • Frontend: Angular JS
  • Backend: .Net Core 3.1, Blazor Web Assembly
  • Database: Google Cloud Datastore

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