Student Survey and Success Report

The project is based on a school survey where students, teachers and parents have to fill the survey in order to calculate the success result of a school.



The initiative is based on a school survey, which students, instructors, and parents must complete in order to establish a school's success rate. The survey is carried out in order to better understand the social experiences that influence a student's school behavior and performance. Students are also asked about their health and well-being in the questionnaires. This website has an admin panel where administrators may handle anything connected to schools, users, surveys, and reports. Administrators may oversee best practices to ensure that all users follow the same criteria. Admin produces Assessments and distributes them to schools so that users may fill them out.


Tools Visual Studio 2019


Platform Asp.Net


Language C#


Architecture MS SQL


Voice Guide

A voice icon is offered for users on the assessment screen so that if they do not want to read the question, they may hear it using the voice guide option.


Students, instructors, and parents will use an interactive front view to complete our assessments. Each assessment question will be displayed one by one, and users will be able to skip questions by clicking on the next and previous buttons.

Resource Searches

When a user searches a term that does not populate any of the data associated with it, the keyword is added to the Resource Searches area, where an administrator may inspect it and develop a relevant subject linked to the phrase.


Key Features

Key Features

Access to a Variety of Study Materials : Allow your students to access the study material - notes, lectures, lesson summaries, and more - whenever and wherever they choose.


Real-time/Live Exams and Practice Tests : Multiple attempts at Live and Mock Tests assist students in revising the complete curriculum in the simulated scenario of the actual test.


One-time Fee : There will be no profit-sharing or commissions. It's a completely self-contained solution hosted by you, and we never take a percentage of your sales. Various payment channels can be readily incorporated, and you may retain 100% of what you get.


Make an unlimited number of courses, live sessions, and other events : It is a highly adaptable e-learning software solution. You may create an infinite number of courses, have live sessions, develop your curriculum, add videos, pdfs, documents, text, audio files, and more.

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