Time Tracker Project Application

This Application allows users to modify time as well, in case the user is in a meeting or out-side of office work and not using the system for a long time.



This is a time-tracking project for internal customer usage. This desktop application is designed for all desktop ecosystems (Mac, Linux, and Windows) to track logged-in user activity and save screenshots, as well as key and mouse strokes, to the server, allowing management to assess productive hours. This application also allows users to change the time if they are in a meeting or away from the workplace for an extended period of time and are not utilizing the system.


Architecture MySQL


Language JavaScript


Tools VS Code


Platform Electron


Project Management

Once a user has logged in, they will be able to see a list of their projects.

Task Management

Each project will have many tasks linked with it, which the user may pick and begin working on.

Start and Stop Timer

Users can start and stop timers based on job, break, or meeting. The productive hours of a user will be calculated using a timer.

Multiple Devices

If a user connects two monitors to one machine, it will collect screenshots from both.


The program will automatically take a screenshot of the work that the user is performing at the moment. The times of the screenshots will be chosen at random.


Key Features

Key Features

Detection of Idle Time : When you fail to end the timer, the inactive time you've spent away from the computer is removed button might display in other apps you use to help you track time more easily.


Increase your productivity : Track the amount of time you spend on activities to discover where your time goes and to improve your time management abilities.

Web Snapshots

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