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Our client operates in the tours and travel sector and aims to provide their customers a superior online booking experience. As a travel brand, they want to develop a versatile and secure online booking platform to enhance the booking experience.


While developing one of the best and most user-friendly booking management systems, a user-friendly travel platform, the challenge was creating an interface that seamlessly caters to the different user roles while maintaining security and simplicity.


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Our team developed a travel management system with features like user management, Sabre API integration, customized dashboards, online booking for travelers, and many more. Agents have separate dashboards for efficient booking and customer management, while travellers have personalized dashboards with trip details and booking history.

Key Features:

  • Multi-role User System: The online booking system offers multiple roles, such as front-end users, agents, and administrators. Based on the roles, each one will have separate dashboards displaying specific details and access to the different modules.
  • Sabre Integration: Our team has seamlessly integrated the Sabre API into the system, which helps retrieve real-time data for various travel services such as flights, hotels, and car bookings. This integration allows the platform to give users the latest details about the available prices and other important information.
  • Payment Integration: Customers will be able to pay via card. The saved card details will also be listed for the customers to select from, or customers can pay by entering new card details. Also, the payment information is highly secure as the system doesn’t store any card details. 
  • Admin Features:
    • Dashboard: The admin interface is the default WordPress interface with some extended functionalities.
    • There is an option to import the packages while uploading the CSV file. It will also display a progress bar showing you the run time % of records that will be imported. At the end, when the process is complete, it will also display how many records are not imported and why.
    • Travel Agency Reports: Besides the standard WordPress navigation, our platform includes a report module that showcases detailed reports based on the bookings within the system. Currently, the system generates two types of reports: Team Lead Reports and Sales Lead Reports. These reports provide insight into the performances of the team leads and sales leads.  
    • Bookings: This module will allow the admin to know all the booking-related details, such as which Agent had booked for which particular customer.
  • Agents:
    • Dashboard: In this, once the user logs in, they can view statistics about total customers, total packages, inquiries that came to the agent, and the number of bookings done by the agent. Along with it, the Agent can also see 5 recent customers and 5 recent bookings so that the Agent will have an overview of all activities in the system.
    • Book Now: Within this module, agents can initiate bookings for a customer. The functionality utilizes the sabre API to retrieve and display a list of available packages, allowing agents to select suitable options for their customers.  
    • Manage Customers: From here, the agents can see all customers who are present in the system and can view full details of the customers, add, edit, and send a welcome email to customers in case needed. Agents can also add notes for the specific customer to manage a history. 
    • Package Listing: Agents can browse for the various packages listed under different categories and can book the most suitable package for their customers. Agents can also inquire about the package using the given option, which will directly email the administrator.  
  • Customer:
    • Dashboard: After login, the customer will view recent bookings made by the customer. Along with that, the customer can view the package categories available in the system, and by going through the particular category, customers can filter the packages by Country, State, City, Check-in, and Check-out filters. 
    • My Trip and Booking: Customers can view all the bookings they have made and related details using this module. Customer can also able to cancel their booking from here.
    • Packages: Customers can browse categories and packages available under that category, filter them, and book the package they think best suits them. 
  • Guest User Interface: 
    • This interface just walks the user through the basic understanding of the platform. It will let customers know how they work, what services it provides, and how they can connect to the owner.


The developed online booking platform successfully changes the overall travel booking experience. Users can effortlessly find, book, and manage trips online, while those needing assistance can rely on the agents to create accounts and reservations. The platform provides a smooth and secure travel experience for all users involved.

Technologies and Tools:

  • Frontend: WordPress
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Tools: Vs Code

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