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    What is .NET?

    .NET is a framework, which is developed by Microsoft and it can be used to support the development and maintenance of modern apps and XML web service. It can be used to create apps which can be run by multiple user and platforms. This can be run as well on the desktop, mobile as well as web apps on PCs and server windows based devices. Most of importantly .NET Supports the creation of cross-platform server which run smoothly across server platforms like Mac, Linux, and even windows. This framework is broadly used to compile, design, develop, build and deploy an application with a wide range of support programs with compilers, APIS and code libraries. It customized varied project/solution of components in the development for creating apps and services on multiple devices and OS. .Net has been used by a multi-user of developers.


    Advantages of .NET

    Well the great part is, It is having less limit to ASP but developers can use the more advantages to make use of other programming languages like VB, #C and it can be reusable.. Let's see some of the powerful advantages of .NET

    1. Object Oriented

    Most powerful tool about .net is, it just controls your apps which makes simpler for recurring events. Everything one can see in the .net framework is a Object. Same likely for writing framework it accesses all apps.

    2. Caching

    Net catching system includes robust and easy-to-use. User when request the same information many times this enhance the performance. And catching technique can get output application data and it allows to store or cache each page for the user.

    3. Simple Maintenance

    To maintain pages with .Net is simple to write because the HTML and source-code both work together. Also, source-code executes on the server this makes web pages flexible and powerful.

    4. Time-Saving

    .NET Is developed in the way that coding requirement removes half apart, so developers get time and at the meantime, Time-Saving can benefit to apps with shortened substantially. There is one thought called Time is money and the same goes with .Net purely saves a lot of that.

    5. Simplicity

    .NET is extremely simple and straightforward to perform common task and subject matter of signifier so the site design, client certification, and deployment.

    6. Feature-Rich

    In order to just create powerful apps, there is a wide range of features that can be explored as a toolbox and designer optic studio. It let you across with such features as drag-and-drop controls automatic deployment and WYSIWYG editing.

    7. Consistency

    The management consistency have a brand-new process which can act just as easily and it can manage and monitor all the processes by a framework and it lets your app be consistency to manage all request.

    8. Monitoring

    Monitoring stands automatic and quickly notify if any issue is generating like memory leaks, infinity pool, etc. I said automatic because this feature will automatically detect the issue and destroy the activity and again restart the process itself.


    What is .NET used for?

    Now after knowing the facts and benefits we know that .NET is feature-rich and monitoring it can be comparatively wide for the next generation apps. Let's delve into the range of apps that are built with a framework.

    Business Functions: Today business processes made constructive use of application and software to streamline their business which is conducted with the phenomenon of software tool in the background. .NET regularly and extensively used in the creation like CRM, supply management app and more.

    Re-Designing: .NET has been recovered to be a large platform for re-designing all new application. So the organization doesn't remain static and it can be altered with your needs and scale with it.

    Practical Apps: .Net can again play a polar role with both together multiple-user and experience if one aim to have practical apps. While .NET can sync across all platform and help programmers to create apps

    Communication: .Net integrate with your outlook for a most atomistic experience. One of the best app for emailing and chats platforms for communicating between employees.

    Multi-Tiered Software Architecture: .NET is known as multi-tiered software architecture because it co-imperatively separates functions for data management, presentation, and app processing. Moreover, developers can also edit and add on the entire app.

    Cross Platform: Cross-platform can be used to create server apps that run equally well while it's modular of the swift platform that runs equally on Linux and Mac.

    Mobile Apps: .Net let the user create apps that work more convenient across system, device or other gadgets.

    Now lets come to the next point why one should choose .NET, now I am going to explain you why one should choose or consider .Net before outsourcing, let's see more on the frame- A more detailing, A more clear conclusion.


    How ASP.NET/MVC is beneficial to Build Business Application?

    Microsoft has contributed significantly to the field of web and app development. In recent times, developers have numerous choices when it comes to business application development. Modern frameworks offer scalable, secure, cloud-ready, and flexible applications as well. ASP.NET Core MVC has remained one of the top-notch choices with the latest MVC versions.

    There are several reasons why business application development service providers use ASP.NET MVC framework to build an impressive business application. To know the usefulness of MVC, you can refer to below-given points it offers to the developers as well as the users.

    - The framework is based on battle-tested MVC - Model, View, and Controller architecture which aids you to achieve a clear separation of concerns. Thus, you can make web APIs and other custom web application testable. This particular specification makes it easier to develop a code, test or debug something in any of the model, view, and controller.

    - This MVC framework allows you to build and deploy applications that can be monitored efficiently. You can keep a track to ensure whether or not it performs as expected and easy accessibility. You can also use any of the open source tools to monitor your application.

    - It thoroughly supports JavaScript integration which makes your programming way too easier. Many developers get stuck while developing applications using web forms. ASP.NET Core MVC makes it effortless by providing seamless integration of JavaScript. It brings essential strength and stability to your coding and in the required results.

    - ASP.NET based web application development opens up the possibilities that were difficult to reach in earlier times. With growing community, benefits have reached to a greater number of coders. It can be easily learned and can be transformed from one type to another type of application. Thus, ASP.NET MVC developers with a web development environment of future which makes coding smooth and lucrative.


    Top reasons for .Net development outsourcing:

    - Nowadays there are number of projects in .Net, so the demand for .Net developers. Number of companies from U.S and Europe experience a lack of deficiency of .Net expert.

    - .Net can be used for finding and solving various task, and the specialist needed in each particular case is different. It constituted outsourcing companies with a wide number.

    - The number of projects in .Net is growing, and so is the demand for .Net developers. Thus many companies from Europe and the US experience a lack of .Net specialists. Outsourcing companies in countries of Eastern Europe with solid reputation and brand recognition can staff large .Net teams within a short period of time.

    - As compared to other technologies .Net is simple and easy to widen the team and also when any employee leaves your business is protected by outsourcing company takes the responsibility.

    - .Net saves operational cost and time too. Manektech team are working with Agile method, which allows to reduce time to market.



    In short, .NET is increasing popularly in 2018 for the development of a cross-platform application which is simple and flexible. Also, .NET is a framework with a feature rich and robust. Concluding all above this we can say clients get a user-friendly application in a very short time period. And the most useful advantage is new programmers can easily find great possibility by pursuing this framework.

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