Frameworks to Learn to Be One of The Top Full Stack JAVA Developers

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    As we enter 2024, the race to stay relevant starts. The Java developers have been appending their knowledge throughout 2023. Now, they are curious and think of what is next. Interestingly, the full-stack Java developers have a variety of technologies and development frameworks to learn as they get to develop the entire application including the front end and back end. Learning new frameworks can let you stay updated with the trends and open doors to new opportunities in 2024.


    Mastering Full Stack Java Developers: Essential Frameworks to Learn

    Here is a list of the top 10 frameworks that every Java developer can add to their existing skill set. 

    Frameworks to Learn to Be One of The Top Full Stack JAVA Developers

    1. Spring Boot

    Java Spring framework is popularly used to develop enterprise-level production-grade applications. Its dependency injection feature allows java developers to create modular applications that serve as the foundation for microservices. Spring Boot can be easily integrated with different Java EE technologies including Java Web Services and RMI (Remote Method Invocation). There are a host of inbuilt features such as Spring Boot CLI and startup dependency that make Spring a great framework to develop Java applications. 

    2. Apache Spark

    Big Data is a trending technology and Java developers can start exploring new domains like it. Apache Spark can be a great place to start as it is open source and would not cost anything. Apache Spark is distributed processing system used for managing big data workloads. Java developers can use the development APIs in Java. As we get into 2023, we need to upend our development practices to include trending technologies and aspects like Machine Learning and Real-time analytics. Apache Spark is an ideal framework to do it as it supports code reuse across different workloads. 

    3. Spring Cloud

    Microservices and cloud-based applications have been some of the trending topics in technology in 2022. Companies are ready to hire Java developers to create cloud-based scalable features. Java developers can aim to learn Spring cloud to quickly build the common patterns of cloud applications such as intelligent routing and circuit breaks. The development of cloud-based solutions comes up with many challenges that can be easily solved by Java developers using Spring Cloud. 

    4. React.js

    Most of the java developers must be familiar with React.js. It is a JavaScript framework used for developing the user interface. It is a great framework for developing large web applications where the consumer can use the application without reloading the pages for each use. This saves a lot of time and improves the user experience. User experience is one of the key reasons why organizations hire dedicated Java developers. Java developers can add it to their resumes to improve their employability. 

    5. Node.js

    Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment used for running JavaScript on the server side. Companies hire Java development services to create dynamic web pages and network applications using Node.js.  Node.js brings in many libraries of JavaScript module that makes web application development very easy. There are many freely available resources to learn Node.js.  Java developers can get started with it today to add this trending technology to their list of experts. 

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    6. Bootstrap

    Bootstrap gained significance as we realized the importance of user experience. The HTML and CSS design templates offered by Bootstrap are being used by Java developers to create responsive web designs. These web designs automatically adjust to the browser’s screen size which plays a great part in the success of the website and web application. The Java developers can think about using it as the developers just need to add codes in the predefined grid system to develop a responsive web design. It is easy to learn.

    7. Apache Hadoop

    We are coming back to Big data with Hadoop. Java developers can learn this leading technology that supports Big Data and technology to enter into a narrower stream of skilled developers. Hadoop enables developers to create simple programming models and use them to process large data sets across many computers. It is known to be a cost-effective way of storing and processing massive amounts of data.

    8. Spring Security

    We are talking about one of the trending authentication and access-control framework widely used to secure Java applications. Security has become a primary requirement of any web or mobile application, calling for the need for such security frameworks. The best part is that it is customizable and can be tweaked according to the customer's requirements. Java developers can focus on getting updated with the latest version of Spring Security as it has many fixes and new features. Spring security can be the perfect gateway into the new year for java developers keen to boost their skill set. 

    9. jQuery

    Most Java developers must be familiar with jQuery. In case not, then jQuery must be added to the technology list one wishes to learn. This library was introduced with a developer-friendly motto, “write less, do more”. jQuery wraps many common tasks into methods that can be called with a single line of code.  It has many features that enable Java developers to perform varied things such as creating animations and sending HTTP requests. 

    10. Eclipse MicroProfile

    This is another excellent framework created to optimize Java EE for microservice development by defining the standard set of APIs. The java developers can innovate and propose new common APIs and functionalities, to get a response from the community. If you are planning to learn something new in 2023 and deviate from the hard-lined Java technologies then you can explore Eclipse MicroProfile.



    This is a restricted list and many Java developers might be aware of many of them. To learn the remaining, they can take the help of the freely available stuff on the internet. Being a Java developer, learning any of these frameworks is going to be easy for you. 2024 should not just be a new year in your calendar but a new year of learning. Make a roadmap of learning and get started with it to jump start this new year.

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