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    According to Statista, the global mobile app revenue is expected to reach $673.80 billion by 2027. Owing to the exponential growth of mobile devices and smartphone users, the number of mobile apps is also increasing.
    global mobile app revenue is expected to reach $673.80 billion by 2027

    It is the right time to unleash that brilliant mobile idea and translate it into a mobile application. 

    What happens when you have a brilliant app idea, successfully validated, but no expert team on the execution end? A disaster!

    Global App Store and Google Play Spending 2021-2026

    A successful mobile app development is a result of user-centric development, well-positioned ideas and an exceptional mobile app development team. 

    When we say mobile app developers, we don’t just rely on good hiring. It is equally important to collaborate and manage them to help unlock their potential. 

    It is essential to identify the right tools and define the processes to pull off the results. So, what are the tips to manage mobile app developers to release a successful application? 

    Here’s a detailed blueprint to help you successfully manage your mobile app development company USA in 2024. 


    5 Reasons to Hire a Mobile App Developer

    As a business owner, you must know why hiring a mobile app development team is vital. You can outsource the entire development while focusing on marketing and generating revenue from your idea.

    5 Reasons to Hire a Mobile App Developer  

    1. They bring to the table extensive knowledge and a complete understanding of the technical stack. Your developers would know when to use a particular technology vs the other. They are aware of what it takes to build a strong, secure and high-performing application
    2. With their vast experience, they have gained a complete understanding of how users engage with mobile applications. They know what will make the users interact, use and take actions on the mobile application. This understanding will promote more user-centric and usable designs.
    3. Your mobile app experience is ruined by vulnerabilities and attempts at hacking. However, you can avoid that by hiring developers who understand the importance of security. They will include features and functionality that can increase data safety and privacy. Eventually, you will notice an increase in app usage.
    4. As the developers have the infrastructure and core understanding, they can deliver apps faster at a low cost. This helps you build a promising solution that generates more returns with low investment. 
    5. Your mobile app developer understands the market and your abilities. They will be able to deliver unique solutions, in sync with your goals and personalized to your users. Moreover, they would ensure that it is deep-rooted to your unique positioning.


    Key Considerations Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

    As an entrepreneur, you must have a team that can manage the execution of your idea. Before you begin learning how to manage mobile app developers, you must recruit a great one to build your idea.
    Key Considerations Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

    Here are all the factors to consider when you move forth on this journey.


    #1 The Developer’s Experience

    It’s an experienced developer who can see through the idea and build the roadmap immediately. They would know what would work and what wouldn’t. Immediately upon listening, they can share the exact processes involved, timeline and budget approximations.

    A developer’s experience is a paramount requirement for your recruitment processes. If they are experienced in your niche, they can share the best practices, and highlight the trends. They would know the exact features that you must incorporate while planning the application.

    #2 Diverse Portfolio

    The portfolio gives a lot of sense into their work and abilities. You will learn all about the past work, their style and even their understanding of their niche. 

    A diverse portfolio gives you a glimpse into the creativity and ability of the mobile app development team. You will know how they build uniqueness and what makes them the best mobile app development team.

    #3 Development Costs

    You cannot begin building a mansion without knowing if it is within your means. That’s why development costs are crucial when hiring teams. You cannot hire someone who would exceed your budget.

    Asking for quotations, seeking breakup and defining your budget would help you find the right mobile app development partner. Moreover, development costs would give you an idea of who would best fit your requirements. 

    #4 Flexible and Scalable

    You are teaming up with Android app development services or iOS app development services to seek their help in building your application. Obviously, you need them to be flexible on changes and adaptable to the differences in cultures.

    Moreover, when working with a team, you may need more or fewer people to handle your development needs. As a result, you need a more scalable team. This is an important aspect that you might want to consider while managing recruitment. 

    #5 Communication

    You and the development team must communicate as much and as often as possible. If your team needs to take up concerns regarding development or they need to reduce the bottlenecks, communication can help.

    You must recruit developers or development teams that can help enhance the communication and make it seamless. They should be able to connect with you about the progress, report the milestones and ensure quick calls to remove hassles. 


    The Blueprint / Steps to Manage the Developers Efficiently

    You have seen why and how to recruit a great team of mobile app developers for your business app. Let’s look at the tips to manage mobile app developers efficiently. This will help translate your mobile app ideas into robust solutions. 

    How to manage mobile app developers efficiently

    #1 Creating a Solid Team Structure

    As a first step to managing a development team, you must define the roles and responsibilities carefully. There should be a defined structure with carefully assigned tasks and jobs for the best outcomes. 

    The Team Structure

    This is the first step to creating the ideal development team is to create the perfect structure. Let’s discuss the typical members and their roles here. 

    • Product Owner: They own the product and decide the development priorities. They are mostly responsible for creating the milestones, timelines and plans for the app creation process.
    • Business Analyst: They will analyse the business, define the goals, propose the requirements and decide the app development approach. They will be part of the strategy team creating the estimates, adding the feature requirements and offering inputs to prototype development. 
    • Project Manager: They are responsible for managing the shop-floor activities and handling the app process entirely. They would need to work towards ensuring the app development occurs in the said time and budget.
    • UI/UX Designer: They are responsible for delivering intuitive and highly usable user interfaces. They will ensure that the application is optimised to deliver unique user experiences. They aim to engage the users with aesthetic and functional applications. 
    • Developer: You might need to hire iOS app developers or Android solution experts for the team for native app development. If you plan cross-platform solutions, you might need framework experts to code, debug and iterate development for quick releases. 
    • QA Engineer: Finally, a QA tester or engineer can help debug, test and resolve the issues to mitigate risks and release functional app solutions. 

    Cross-functional Collaboration

    For the best team structure and management, you must introduce cross-functional collaboration. Effectively, this means people across teams will collaborate to resolve the problems and work towards a single goal.

    This would help reduce the silos and empower the teams by closing skill-related gaps. The teams can act on issues faster and release the apps with minimum delays. 

    #2 Process for Communication and Collaboration

    You can't manage the mobile app development teams and handle your core work. It can reduce your productivity, hampering your revenue and income. 

    So, what could you do to establish seamlessness in managing the teams?

    Assign a Project Manager

    This is the first step to take towards efficient management. You will learn all about the app’s progress and the issues from the project manager. 

    The project manager would be the account holder and the face of your company. This single person would handle all the communication and ensure maximum productivity. 

    When you have a single person manning the project's progress, you can avoid delays. They would take down the notes and understand the issues perfectly. They would know which teams to connect with and how to get it resolved.

    You can always connect with the manager once a week or biweekly to get the progress reports and gain visibility.

    Identifying the Tools

    The second most important part of the management process is defining the tools for communication. This would include real-time, asynchronized and collaboration tools. In case there is an issue that needs to be discussed immediately, real-time messenger tools are effective.

    To assign and ensure complete allocation of tasks, you can use project management tools. These tools can also be used for collaboration and asynchronized communication. You must always look for the right tools to prepare your team for seamless processes. 

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    #3 Resource Allocation and Management

    When managing a team, you must allocate the budget to specific departments. At the same time, you must also define the allocation process for best resource delegation. 

    Allocating Resources

    Every task requires a specific number of resources. For instance, hiring Android app developers for native app development is crucial for success. You should know how many developers you would need to complete the project.

    Similarly, you might need to think through designers, QA testers and other resources for your application development.

    The project manager should recruit the right resources, assign them the work and ensure proper delegation. 

    Managing the Resources

    The project manager should be hypervigilant concerning the resources. If you don’t need a few resources for the job, you may need to off-board them. This can add to the cost of the project and can drain your budget.

    When you are appointing the manager, make sure they are aware of how to allocate and scale the resources to meet the needs. This way, you can efficiently manage the team and ensure proper development.

    At the same time, you must be prepared for changes in the work scope and the need for additional resources. This level of management can help you deliver the project on time.

    #4 Risk Management

    As a product owner, you need to identify and mitigate the risks surrounding your project. This will help your developers plan the strategy accordingly and deliver a fruitful result. 

    Assessing your Project

    To help your developers, you must document the risks at all levels. This could be a technical risk. You can get it assessed by the development team. They will know if software bugs or compatibility issues can hamper your project.

    You can accordingly choose a different approach or strategy for development. Similarly, if there are budget constraints, you can ensure your developer is aware. This would help stay true to your budget and planned costs. 

    To manage your mobile app development team efficiently, you must identify, document, and 

    Identifying and Evaluating the Risks

    You must assess each risk you have identified in an isolated manner. You can connect with the team members and collaborate with them on how to mitigate these risks. 

    Assigning each member of the team with risk assessment and tracking can help you resolve them faster. It is equally important to conduct risk monitoring for the best strategies. 

    As a project owner or manager, you must document all the risks so that teams are well aware of what to monitor. 

    When you have the right reports and documentation, you can craft effective strategies to mitigate the risks. 

    #5 Monitoring and Measuring

    When you are creating a project, you are responsible for all aspects. It could be the performance, the budget overshoots or issues that go unresolved. Monitoring the project progress, tracking the vital KPIs and checking the reports can help you manage the developers easily. 

    Tracking Key Performance Indicators

    When you start with the app development project, define the purpose and goals for it. You can easily define the efficient development practices, the code quality and other factors. You would know the industry standards for UI and UX development. 

    Translate these into key performance indicators for the team. Identify the metrics that can help you assess the performance of the project. These indicators should help you track the factors that are crucial to app development success- cost, quality, user satisfaction and timelines.

    Ensure you are assessing these parameters with a keen eye for the best results. 

    Check the Reports

    It is equally important to stay at the core of the development. It will help you know just how far along your developers have come in completing the project. 

    You must define the progress report frequency at the start of the project. You should also define the structure for reporting as it can help you gain insights. For instance, tell your team what they should include in the reports. 

    It is equally important for the team and you to track and document all issues so that you know how to resolve them. Ask your team to include the indicators for performance in the report as well to help you make the right decisions.

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    #6 Quality Assurance

    What does the customer expect from you? A high-quality and bug-free project that they can use without friction. It seems simple, but without putting your developers to task, you may not be able to attain the quality goals. 

    Make sure to sit down with the team to determine the quality checks they must conduct. There are two major things you must work out before proceeding with quality testing. 

    The Testing Approach

    Collaborate with your mobile app development team to understand the best testing approach for the application. You might need to go with a balance of manual and automated testing to resolve the issues.

    Manual testing can help indicate the usability, while automated testing will decide the functional abilities. To conduct each test, you must have a qualified testing team that can authenticate the tools and write the test cases. 

    User Acceptance Test 

    You must test for user acceptance. This involves conducting in-house and beta testing before finally launching the application. 

    Your stakeholders should collaborate with the developers to assess the application for user acceptance. You must work towards improving the app by incorporating feedback. 

    #7 Continuous Improvement

    Managing a mobile app development team goes a long way. You are not just planning for today but also a long-term strategy.

    That’s why you must ensure a way to incorporate continuous improvement into your strategy. This would encourage the developers to learn from feedback and boost the product continuously.

    You can also implement faster development cycles with iterative development. 

    Feedback Loops

    You must implement the best feedback loops across the development cycles for the developer. It will help them connect with the users, understand their issues and resolve them. your developer can augment the app’s performance and upgrade it for better usability as well. 

    Iterative Development

    If you want to establish a rapid application development cycle, you must implement iterative development. This can shorten each sprint and ensure bug-free commits. 


    5 Best Tools to Manage Remote App Developers in 2024

    You need diverse tools to induce productivity and manage the remote app developers in 2024. Here are the top five must-have tools for your repository.

    Tools to Manage Remote App Developers

    #1 Slack

    You cannot think beyond this application if you want to implement transparency and real-time communication. It helps share files, connect over issues and resolve bottlenecks immediately

    #2 GitHub

    You should use GitHub to collaborate over coding and handle version control. It is the perfect repository for all your coding files. There is no better way to document your application development than with this tool.

    #3 Jira

    This is the tool that helps with project management, issue tracking and task allocation. You can simply create, assign, delegate and track the tasks within the team. You will have better control over the project progress with this tool

    #4 Zoom

    You can connect via video call to discuss the project's progress, highlights and issues. Zoom is a great video conferencing tool that allows you to record the conversation. Moreover, it is easy and accessible.

    #5 Time Doctor

    This time management tool can help you for efficient work outcomes. You will learn the exact hours spent on a project with this tool.  



    It does take a successful team to build your mobile app ideas. However, if you don’t allocate the resources properly or manage the team’s requirements, you may not gain the desired outcomes.

    To manage the team, you must define the structure, allocate the work properly and house the suitable tools. It is equally important to assign a single point of contact and work towards constant improvement.

    As an expert mobile app development company USA, ManekTech works with entrepreneurs to meet their unique goals. We collaborate with businesses to define the best strategy and roadmap to mobile app development success. Our expertise, collaborative abilities and transparency allow you to stay productive and work on your core business.

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