How Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Would Grow Your Business?

Did you know that by 2025, the CRM software market is anticipated to be worth more than $80 billion? "Accessibility" is one of the most important factors in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development's phenomenal growth and popularity. In today's environment, everyone demands real-time data access, and cloud and mobile solutions are leading the way.  

Consider a situation in which a customer's contact information is lost or two of your salesmen are pursuing the same lead. It will cause you to lose a client to a competition or irritate future customers.  Without a centralised CRM system, it's easier to lose track of customer interactions and miss out on valuable business prospects.

Let’s understand the basics of why hiring Microsoft dynamics CRM developers would benefit your business growth in the long haul.   

Who Uses Dynamics 365 And Why Do They Do So? 

Customer data is now a company's most important asset, and companies are increasingly looking to technology to help them extract more value from it.

The CRM apps in Dynamics 365 have millions of users globally; the official statistic for 2015 was 4.4 million. The majority of firms that use Dynamics 365 are small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) that offer products or services, but recent product enhancements and the allure of Microsoft's Azure cloud service are luring larger businesses in greater numbers.

Many clients are drawn to Dynamics 365 because of its easy interaction with other popular Microsoft business products like Outlook, Power BI, and Office, in addition to its many cutting-edge capabilities. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 includes a variety of additional company management solutions, such as ERP and marketing apps, making it a compelling alternative for companies looking to streamline procedures or build a single digital platform for all of their activities.

How Does It Work? 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM development is a piece of business software. It is customer relationship management software that assists organisations in managing their client database, generating new leads, engaging with customers, and resolving customer service concerns.  It's a database that lets businesses organise and manage their customer and lead data at its most basic level. Users can contact consumers and lead using the programme, which records and tracks every customer interaction. This enables a company to create a complete picture of its client connection to tailor the customer journey.

What Does It Have To Do With Dynamics 365?

Microsoft revamped its Dynamics suite in November 2016, combining all of its CRM and ERP applications into one umbrella package called Dynamics 365.

The other software was renamed and merged into Dynamics 365, although Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL remain distinct solutions. Dynamics AX was renamed to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 Sales, and Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Some of the apps' functionality was separated into smaller, modular software so that companies could pick and choose whatever elements they wanted.

How Can Hiring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers Will Work For Your Organization?

Microsoft dynamic 365 CRM is a combination of ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), and AI capabilities. It's a cloud-based business application platform that comes in two flavours: business and enterprise.

Dynamic 365 has several useful features and productivity applications that give users access to data, reports, inventory, transactions, and more, as well as predictive insight tools.

It is not only about profit; it is also critical to optimise business processes to improve the overall corporate experience, which is critical for businesses to operate efficiently. Your firm can reinvent the way it does business by obtaining data, automating business processes, and taking client engagement to the next level with Dynamics 365.

Why Businesses Need It For Growth

Dynamics 365 consolidates all sales and customer data into a single system, providing users with a single source of truth. This provides users with a comprehensive view of their customers' travels, allowing them to track client journeys, generate and evaluate leads, and capitalise on opportunities.

The app can help raise customer satisfaction at all points of the sales funnel and improve long-term brand loyalty by allowing users to connect with their customers and provide better faster service. Hiring qualified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers for your businesses can run more efficiently by reaching more customers while saving time and money by automating certain portions of the sales and marketing process.

Field Service, a mobile app, makes it easy to provide excellent customer service from anywhere, allowing businesses to go where the opportunities are. The app's in-depth analysis and reporting features also assist businesses in getting more out of their data, responding to changes faster, and making better-informed decisions that will help them develop.

What Features Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales Development Include? 

Users can manage their sales processes from start to finish with Dynamics 365 for Sales, from lead generation to pipeline management to account management and reporting. The programme gathers all of an organization's sales leads in one place, assists with data collection, and automates repetitive parts of the sales cycle, allowing salespeople to focus on developing connections and nurturing possibilities.  

The system can score, qualify, and allocate leads automatically, and it gives real-time analysis at each stage of the process to assist users to focus their efforts on the most profitable areas. All sales and marketing activity is tracked in a single view, giving salespeople a clear picture of their company's relationship with a customer and past contact, making it easier to close deals.

The app can also send out sophisticated, automatic reminders and actions to keep leads going through the pipeline and ensure that no customers get lost. The in-built gamification element encourages productivity, user uptake, and employee engagement, and the extensive, AI-infused reporting features assist highlight accomplishments and potential.

The native integration with LinkedIn is one of the features that sets Dynamics 365 apart from other major CRMs. Microsoft has been attempting to integrate LinkedIn user data with its products since purchasing the networking platform in 2016, and having access to information on the site's 500 million users and their connections is a huge benefit for salespeople using Dynamics 365.

What Are The Features Of Dynamics 365 For Customer Service?

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables organisations to better handle customer concerns while also assisting customers in quickly obtaining answers to their questions. Customers may accomplish more without having to contact customer care agents thanks to features like automated chatbots and self-service portals, which frees up agents to handle more difficult situations and helps cases close faster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 development for Customer Support is designed to assist users in providing personalised customer service to their customers at any time and across any channel. Client Service offers agents the tools and resources they need to add value to their customer encounters, no matter what medium they're working through, with a mix of aided service management and self-service options like customer portals and peer-to-peer help.

Client Service lets agents generate cases, record all customer interactions, and resolve queries via the customer's preferred channel through a centralised interface. Agents are always up to date on customer case histories and preferences thanks to shared knowledge bases within the app, and they can provide precise information on business policy and entitlements.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing A CRM Solution?

CRM systems aid in the management and maintenance of customer connections, as well as the tracking of sales leads, marketing, and pipeline, as well as the delivery of actionable data. CRM solutions boost your profits by reducing administrative operations in your sales, marketing, and service departments, allowing you to focus on what matters most: developing and sustaining customer connections.

A solid CRM solution is a complex platform that stores everything you need to grow, improve, and maintain your customer connections. You may miss out on income opportunities if you don't optimise your operating procedures or make the most of your customer relationships or sales leads without the help of an integrated CRM system.

Imagine losing track of a customer's contact information only to discover that your delay cost you a client to a competition. Consider your top two salesmen pursuing the same prospect, resulting in an irritated potential customer and some hostile internal competition. Your team may lose track of customer interactions and miss commercial possibilities if you don't have a centralised and Microsoft dynamic 365 automated CRM development service.

Streamlining Data Across the Organization: 

All data that moves back and forth between the organization's departments, such as accounts, purchases, sales, inventories, and so on, can be simplified. These divisions also provide interconnectivity to improve visibility and avoid wasteful spending.

1)Insights That Can Be Put To Use

In today's hyper-competitive industry, having complete, real-time visibility into all aspects of the company might mean the difference between success and failure. It is not enough to merely collect data; it must be transformed into useful information. Business intelligence and analytics are included in the Dynamics 365 business process.

2)Customer Service Improvements

The customer care team may improve case management with a 360-degree picture of its clients using Dynamics 365. The process-driven user interface streamlines case management, allowing service personnel to provide consistent and effective client care.

3)Complex Data Is Simplified

Dynamics 365 changes how companies manage client data and day-to-day operations. This helps to break down barriers across essential business platforms and encourages your data to start cooperating.

The Microsoft Common Data Model is based on the idea of sharing a company database. It's the glue that binds all data and processes together, allowing you to wave goodbye to data silos.

4)Increased Return On Investment

Dynamics 365 combines CRM, Office, ERP, and other programs to offer employees the information they need to make the best decisions and the tools they need to get the job done. It delivers a People-Centric data model that makes employees' daily work easier and increases their productivity.

What Is The Deployment Method For Dynamics 365?

Customers can choose from three deployment options for Dynamics 365:


SaaS, or software as a service, refers to software that is not installed on a user's device and is instead accessed through a web browser login. Customers that choose this deployment option will utilise a cloud-hosted version of Dynamics, which is placed on the vendor's servers and accessed remotely via the internet. Dynamics 365 SaaS instances are hosted on either Microsoft's public Azure cloud or a Microsoft partner-managed Azure service.


Local Business Data deployment, often known as "traditional" software deployment, allows users to host their Dynamics 365 software on their own or the servers of an IT partner. Businesses that use Dynamics 365 on-premise will install the programme on their own devices and keep all of their data locally.

Businesses that need to host their data owing to data laws or do not have a steady enough internet connection to use a SaaS version of Dynamics 365 may find on-premise instances of the program to be a good fit.


Hybrid installations, also known as Cloud and Edge, are completely integrated with the Microsoft cloud, yet transactions and data are stored locally on the user's data centre and synced as needed.

The ability to operate the system offline might be advantageous in areas where business continuity is critical, such as retail and manufacturing. Customers can employ cloud and edge deployment to run their Point of Sale operations regardless of internet connectivity, allowing users to capture data and conduct transactions regardless of their internet status. Any data collected offline can be synchronised to the cloud for subsequent use in business intelligence or reporting.

Wrapping Up

Sales gamification, social engagement, InsideView, field services, and other creative offers can help you boost your bottom line.

We excel in helping organisations offer outstanding client experiences by customising Microsoft Dynamics CRM development and integration services to meet their specific requirements. You can effectively apply these dynamics to your business with the help of our specialists.

Hire ManekTech CRM Specialist team certainly understands how to collaborate with customers and technology, as well as how to work efficiently with all of the appropriate causes and tools. To automate your sales activities with MS CRM, contact our team.

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