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    Are you starting a new company? 

    Are you looking forward to expanding the business of your brick-and-mortar store? 

    Do you want to strengthen your business strategy? 

    Then all you need is an android app developer. Today, we connect every business with online success. If you plan to scale your business, you need to design your marketing strategy. Mobile applications have made market penetration very easy. Android mobile apps have gained popularity across the globe.  

    According to the statistics, the android smartphone’s global market share is about 87%. In addition, about 2.5 million apps on Google Play have android OS.  

    You can imagine the kind of market reach android app development can fetch you. 

    iPhones are gaining market share in the US, but losing in the UK - Insider  Intelligence Trends, Forecasts & Statistics 

    iPhones are gaining market share in the US, but losing in the UK - Insider Intelligence Trends, Forecasts & Statistics

    Image Courtesy 

    How to Hire an Android App Developer? 

    Android app development companies have made the process very easy. You can hire android app developers in three different ways. The first is hiring an in-house android app developer. The second hiring option in android is getting in touch with a freelancer on a contract basis. The third option is to outsource the app development to an android app development company. Whichever option you choose, it is a challenge to hire android app developers within budget. To simplify things, we have brought together the steps to hire an android developer without burning your pocket. 

    1. Fix the requirements 

    The requirement of a mobile app includes details such as operating system, features, design, and revenue model. You have to set goals for development, monetization, and functionality. Do market research and create some templates for the mobile app. The aim is to establish a vision of the final product.

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    2. Decide the budget 

    The second step to hiring dedicated developer for android is undoubtedly the budget. Chalk out the budget you are willing to spend. Get an approximation of the production cost of an android app. Then, you can easily create a bracket for the budget for the android app developer. Different levels of expertise in android app development will cost you differently. Hiring a very experienced android app developer for a simple app can cost you a lot. So, keep a tab on the budget while screening the android app developers. 

    3. Explore all the channels of hiring resources 

    You can roll out job openings, contact an app development company, explore job portals, and search for independent developers on professional platforms such as Linked in and Freelancer. The ultimate goal is to explore all the channels of hiring a resource before short-listing candidates. 

    4. Conduct portfolio and background search 

    You can shortlist the candidates keeping their portfolios into consideration. Check their expertise and experience in android app development. Look for expertise in your domain. The developer with rich experience in your domain may be able to provide valuable inputs related to design and development. Check the expertise of the developer in different android app development technologies. You can start with experience in using Java, Android SDK, and APIs, along with some backend skills such as NodeJS and . NET. 

    Check with the last employers about their feedback. If you are hiring freelancers, you can visit their profiles on different platforms to get feedback about their work. Conduct a thorough background search before hiring an android app developer.

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    5. Conduct face-to-face interviews with the technical team 

    A face-to-face interview is the next step in hiring an android app developer. Involve a technical team to assess the candidate's expertise in the interview process. In the interview process, include a question such as challenges faced by the candidate in application development, the latest market trends, and other queries that can hint to you about their expertise. The android app developer should know about the latest trends and developments in the desired domain. The interviewers can also give some on-the-spot problem statements to the candidate to assess his/her logical reasoning and design knowledge. A face-to-face interview can be a game-changer. 

    Android app development is not only the present but also the future of application development. There are about 2Bn android users worldwide, which is set to increase.  

    Hiring an Android app developer will help you penetrate a more significant customer segment. Android is a very versatile OS, granting you options to add multiple features to your applications to attract consumers. Following these steps, you can easily hire a budget-friendly android app developer and create a mobile application that lets you scale your business beyond imagination. Hire an android app developer to make the most user-friendly mobile application that helps you generate higher ROI and profits in the industry. 

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