The 6 Biggest Database Management Problems Solved with Asp.Net

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    As the businesses continue to evolve and grow, the challenges for managing huge database increases. The database, being the core part of any business web application development, it becomes necessary for them to make better data management. However, this innovative world of technology is not perfect. We all think we have lost some critical information every now and then, and start panicking in the very next second. Thus, with an intention to make database management as efficient as possible, we have mentioned some of the biggest challenges and how Asp dot Net application development can help resolve those issues.

    1. Increasing Complexity

    As the businesses continue to expand, many companies find it difficult to manage an increasing number of data. Your database was pretty simple a few years ago, but as you scaled your business, new complexities aroused and now you don’t know how to deal with the database management system accordingly. There are a number of vendors that offers a variety of database systems, such as OO database, relational database, NoSQL database, columnar database and so on. offers a range of database providers for different compatibility and complexity to match your business requirements.

    2. Keeping Up With Performance

    It takes a lot of concentration to run a business and we often overlook to check the database for performance issues. As the amount of data increases, it directly impacts the database performance. Crawling and fetching becomes more time consuming. If you get a wrinkle on your face every time you try to retrieve the data, then it is time you need to optimize your systems. At ManekTech, we offer the right database application development to make sure your database performs flawlessly with your application. We also provide recommendations as a part of improving database performance.

    3. Limited Scalability

    All software systems face scalability and limited resource problems, including database systems at some point in time. The hardware components, operating systems, software development platform and database architecture, all affect the scalability of the system. As your business grows, you need to upgrade your database accordingly. offers certain service databases that can be easily scaled according to your growing needs. You can add more computing power to keep up with the performance without waiting for new powerful machines and hardware components.

    4. Security Issues

    Data security is one of the major concerns faced by most of the companies. The heart of any business lies in their confidential customer data, transaction records, employee files, purchase and sales history, capital financial accounting and other important data. Failing to protect this important information can really harm your business. Data breaches certainly cost you a fortune, but damage to your enterprise reputation and customer trust is just immeasurable. offers multiple layers of security in order to deal with the threats in the most competent way. It ensures your every bit of data remains safe and at the least risk of getting leaked.

    5. Growing Data Volumes

    The amount of data created and gathered every day makes it difficult for companies to manage. It urges businesses to come up with enhanced database systems that could easily handle any amount of data. As the technology advances and businesses scale up, having updated systems that can handle such large data becomes a necessity. When you develop your web app using framework, it allows your organization to set up a channel database for handling large data volumes. .Net also allows efficiently paging through large data volumes and retrieving only those records that are needed to be displayed on a particular page.

    6. Regular Database Backup

    If giants like Yahoo can suffer security breaches, think how easy target can you be. You can certainly add multiple security layers to maximize protection, but you can never protect it 100%. Cyber attacks on small businesses may even force them to close down the operations in the worst case. So, never risk it and take data back up regularly. A well-planned backup strategy safeguards database against loss of data caused by any failure. Have at least two copies of every data and put them in different places. Building your database with Asp.Net ensures necessary protection of your crucial data stored in SQL Server databases. It offers reliable, flexible and limitless off-site storage options.


    The businesses and organizations are demanding the highest levels of support and security to protect their data nowadays, but don’t have access to enough skill sets to maintain their database. But, worry no more. Being a well-established database app development company, ManekTech works relentlessly to prevent and solve these database management issues with our reliable .Net framework web applications and database providers. Our database application services allow you to focus on core business operations while we make sure your web application and database is running at its best.

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