ASP.NET Zero is an Effective Solution for Creating Web and Mobile Apps

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    ASP.NET Zero is a ready-made solution that comes with all out-of-the-box functionality for most standard web and Mobile application solution. In fact, this is a good start for the project where the main functionality is ready and you do not need to spend time developing basic functionality and you can immediately proceed to developing business logic and unique solutions.

    ASP.NET Zero Features

    1. It provides a layered, well-defined and documented architectural model.
    2. It's give the predefined scalation / architecture for the application
    3. It provides a strong infrastructure and development model for modularity, multi-tenancy, caching, background jobs, data filters, setting management, domain events, unit & integration testing . You focus on your business code and don't repeat yourself!
    4. It's based on the open-source and community-driven ABP framework.
    5. It makes your daily development easier by providing base classes and infrastructure, and automates your repeated tasks.
    6. ASP.NET Zero uses Metronic as the UI theme.
    7. Metronic is one of the world's most popular, strongest and richest UI themes, probably even the first.
    8. Version and feature management UI
    9. Notification system along with real time chat and emails
    10. Provides User profile, account linking, social logins
    11. Many built-in solutions (extension libraries) for dependency injection, logging, caching, localization, configuration and so on. These are independent from the

    ASP.NET Core and usable for any type of application.

    1. Repositories (that can be used as is without developing custom extensions)
    2. Unit of Work (application service can be decorated with a transactional aspect)
    3. Server-side validation (via data annotations or custom validators)
    4. Dynamic Web API controllers (automatically-generated web API layer for your application layer)
    5. Background Services (jobs)
    6. Real Time Services (SignalR integration)
    7. Xamarin mobile application

    Provide Multiple solution for the Web/Mobile development

    1. ASP.NET Core 2.x and Angular 7.x based Single-Page Application (SPA) solution for your web application (with .NET Framework 4.6.1 / .NET Core options)
    2. ASP.NET Core 2.x and jQuery based solution for your web application (with .NET Framework 4.6.1 / .NET Core options)
    3. ASP.NET MVC 5.x, Web API and AngularJS 1.x based Single-Page Application (SPA) solution for your web application
    4. ASP.NET MVC 5.x and jQuery based solution for your web application
    5. XAMARIN mobile application integrated with the backend solution.
    6. ASP.NET Core/MVC based application for your public web site


    1. Tenant and Edition (package) management for SaaS applications
    2. Subscription management & recurring payments
    3. PayPal & Stripe integration
    4. Dashboard for edition, tenant & income statistics
    5. Single database, database per tenant and hybrid database support
    6. Custom tenant logo and CSS support
    7. Can work in multi-tenant and single-tenant modes

    Authentication & Authorization

    1. Based on ASP.NET Identity Framework
    2. User & role management pages
    3. Hierarchical organization units system to group users and entities
    4. User login, register, password-reset and email validation pages
    5. User, role and permission based flexible authorization
    6. User and Tenant impersonation
    7. User account linking
    8. Two Factor Authentication (Email, SMS, Google Authenticator)
    9. User Lockout
    10. LDAP/Active Directory login support
    11. Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) Authentication
    12. Social media logins (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Microsoft Account implemented)
    13. OpenId Connect Authentication
    14. Log and show all login attempts for users
    15. Password complexity settings
    16. Automatic Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection
    17. IdentityServer4 integration

    Rapid Application Development

    1. Templating support to generate customized code

    Mobile Application

    1. Cross-platform (iOS & Android) Xamarin mobile application
    2. Integrated with the backend API
    3. Provides infrastructure for common development tasks

    Dynamic Ui Localization

    1. Fully localized UI
    2. Can add, remove and translate languages on UI
    3. RTL and LTR support
    4. English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Turkish and Arabic localizations are included

    Setting Management

    1. Host & tenant-specific setting pages
    2. Hierarchical setting management infrastructure
    3. Easily configurable

    Solid Architecture

    1. Clean source code in a well-defined solution structure
    2. Layered & modular architecture
    3. Domain Driven Design implementation
    4. Dependency injection everywhere
    5. Validation
    6. Logging
    7. Exception handling
    8. Caching
    9. Automatic audit/security logging
    10. Automatic database connection management and unit of work implementation
    11. Pre-configured to deploy as Docker containers
    12. Application functionalities are also available as HTTP API
    13. Real-time push notification system (with SignalR integration)
    14. Chat system (with SignalR integration)
    15. Background job system (with Hangfire integration)
    16. Multiple time zone support for application, tenants and users
    17. Built-in global event bus for server-side events (with pre-defined events for entity changes)
    18. Show and download logs from UI
    19. Application setup screen
    20. Personalization of layout, header, menu and footer per user
    21. Tested on major PAAS providers (Azure, AWS)

    Based on Strong Frameworks

    1. .NET Framework 4.6.x / .NET Core 2.x (cross-platform support)
    2. ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET MVC & Web API
    3. EntityFramework Code-First and Migrations
    4. Angular, Bootstrap, AutoMapper...
    5. ASP.NET Boilerplate

    Based on Metronic Theme

    1. Bootstrap based
    2. Responsive design
    3. Multiple layout options
    4. Metronic UI and components

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