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    Enterprise software development is new and emerging as mission-critical solutions to modern business industries. To understand the need for Enterprise software, understanding ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the way to go. It refers to the suite of software which a business organization manages their day-to-day tasks –it could anything like accounting, procurement, project management, supply chain operation and much more.

    Importantly, as software trends are evolving, coming with a new set of features and functionality. In such a case, the enterprise also needs to stay ahead of the trends and juice out all the benefits of it. In this article, we’ll talk about enterprise and Custom software development in India which is shaping the way it is development, distributed, tested and supports business process to remain competitive.

    Here is a list of top enterprise software solutions which you would find useful integrating into your business system.

    Software Development Trend #1: JavaScript

    When it comes to software development, JavaScript is omnipresent. Developers can use JS in all types of software development including web and mobile app development, server-side development and WPA development. In fact, JS is the need of time and not only applications or websites can be built with JavaScript, but also it should (often).

    Software Development Trend #2: Serverless Architecture and Microservices

    To say, Microservices are simple, but giving it a complete success is a challenge. It involves atomic blocks of code which perform individual tasks and you really need to put in time and efforts to design the microservices such as how they will store files and data and communicate to one another.

    Whereas Serverless Architecture aka FaaS (function as a service) is built on the microservices concept. In simple term, when an application is hosted by the third party which eliminates business to have server software and hardware in the premises.

    Software Development Trend #3: DevOps

    DevOps stands for the set of development practices which helps an organization to reap maximum benefits by shortening the system development lifecycle. That happens when it combines software development and information technology.

    Software Development Trend #4: Automated Testing

    Automated test coverage is the need of time and most of the organizations look to increase the level of testing, even some have 100 percent testing. Testing means when an organization, using QA pipeline ensures that you have the comprehensive coverage of the code.

    Software Development Trend #5: Hybrid Architectures

    When you have both on-premise and cloud infrastructures, you get complete benefits including performance and scalability. Software Development Company in India offers to build a hybrid cloud for your business and help you achieve maximum growth.

    Bottom line is you can get plenty of benefits if you integrate enterprise software application into your business. You can get them easily today as there are plenty of company’s offering enterprise app development solutions at the competitive price.

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