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    Java is one of the leading programming languages. Its popularity continues to grow with time. New versions are continuously introduced, adding new features and bug fixes. There are many Long-Term-Releases(LTS) and non-LTS releases of which the LTS releases are released every two years. 

    Latest Updates In Java

    Java 19 was released in September 2019 and was considered to be the largest version of Java. It brought in many improvements and new features related to security, stability, and performance. JDK 20 is the next release. It will be a non-LTS release which will be released in March 2023. It is the Rampdown phase two for JDK 20 where all the features are frozen and the stabilization repository will only have select bug fixes after approval. 

    Here is a precise list of features we can expect from this release:

    • Scoped values: Introduction of Scoped values is meant to simplify data flow reasoning by sharing the data with the thread and the child thread. This change will help to increase the comprehensibility, robustness, and performance of the application. 
    • Record patterns: Record patterns can be used to deconstruct record values to make the data navigation more powerful and declarative.
    • Pattern matching for the switch: The preview feature was released in JDK 17. The 2nd and third previews were delivered in the JDK 18 and JDK 19 respectively. This is the fourth preview. The Java developers can find some differences from the third preview. There is a simpler grammar for switch labels, and there is support for an inference of type arguments for genetic record patterns and other constructs. The goal of this change is to expand the applicability of switch expressions.
    • Foreign function and memory API: An API has been introduced for the Java programs to operate with data and code even outside the runtime by invoking foreign functions. It offers safe access to foreign memories. 
    • Virtual threads: These lightweight threads are meant to reduce the overall efforts in writing and maintaining concurrent applications with high throughput. The first preview of this feature was delivered in JDK 19. This is the second preview. It has been delivered to let the developers experience the change and get more feedback about this feature. 
    • Structured concurrency: This API has been introduced to simplify multithread programming. Multiple tasks can be run as a single unit to offer highly streamlined error handling. This enhances reliability and reduces observability. 

    Future of Java Development: Trends developing in 2024

    trends in java

    New trends keep emerging in Java, keeping it live and progressive. As we move into 2023, we can keep an eye on some of the trends in Java.

    1. Cloud computing

    There has been a steep hike in serverless ecosystems. The wide range of scalability and maintainability offered by cloud computing makes it an in-demand technology. Innovations and integration of new technologies make cloud computing an innovative segment. Organizations are working towards reducing costs and enhancing efficiency, two of the major reasons that can drive the adoption of cloud computing in 2023. 

    2. PaaS

    Many organizations hire java development services to understand PaaS and implement it. PaaS is a new cloud computing model that lies somewhere in between IaaS and SaaS. It offers hardware and software tools as a third party to the users with easy payment models like pay-as-per-use. It offers the flexibility to implement new applications on a limited budget and resources. Java-based PaaS applications are in demand and their future is bright. 

    3. Spring framework

    New Spring frameworks keep the ecosystem trending. Two of the frameworks, Spring Boot 3.0 and Spring Native 6.0 GA have been introduced recently to embrace innovations in Open JDK. The developers use these frameworks to create ahead-of-time transformations and get better application performance. Spring has emerged as one of the leading choices for java development. This popularity is expected to grow with time and new releases. 

    4. Mobile application development

    Cross-platform application development is in demand, driving the adoption of Java-based frameworks such as React Native. Organizations hire Java Development Companies to develop applications that seamlessly perform on every smart device. The application development ecosystem is evolving at a fast pace, demanding more support and better performance. New releases in Java offer new features, making it a great mobile app development language. 2023 is going to be very much like the past few years where Java-based platforms have been in demand owing to the rise in the number of mobile applications. 

    5. Artificial Intelligence

    This is one technology that has been trending for the past decade. New AI use cases push ahead its boundaries of innovation and adoption. Java is widely used to develop AI applications. The wide range of libraries and tools in Java encourages developers to experiment with new and powerful AI implementations. 

    What is the Future of Java Specialists?

    The demand for java specialists has been increasing with the growing implementation of Java. The trends like AI and cloud computing are opening the doors to innovations, offering new prospects to java specialists. The work mode has changed, giving rise to a work culture like freelancing. Many organizations are deviating from the conventional ways of hiring Java development services. They choose to hire dedicated Java developers to create robust applications. There are huge job openings and statistics suggest that about 174,712 Java developers are working in the US alone. With the expansion in the IT industry, the demand for java specialists is expected to increase. Java has ample opportunity for new and specialist developers. The future is bright. 


    These details highlight the way the Java ecosystem is moving ahead. The new features, releases, and trends are set to boost the adoption of Java across the globe, making way for new opportunities for java Specialists. 2024 is going to offer many new features and implementations. Organizations should connect Java development company to integrate new technologies and develop innovative solutions. 

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