Software Development Trends To Focus On In Coming Years

Change is the only constant in the technology field. We have been witnessing a constant shift from one technology trend to another in the past few years due to emerging technologies, changing requirements, and new social demands. In addition, Covid has also brought many changes in how industries work. In the post-Covid era, the world has changed many perspectives, businesses have reformed their ways, and technologies are given a place in our daily lives. The human race has seen many challenges, but we have conquered them, changing with time. Software Development has played a pivotal role in the whole journey, helping the world to move forward unstoppably. 

These software and technological changes will directly or indirectly influence our future, pushing the boundaries.

Here are the top 7 Software Development trends which will shape the coming years. 


AR and VR

Though we are all aware of Augmented and Virtual reality, we have never assumed how well these technologies can get interwoven into our lives. The merits of augmented reality are observed in many industrial enterprises. It lifts productivity, lowers equipment costs across the field, and improves overall operational performance. So, not to wonder why more and more companies are implementing augmented reality daily in their business. With these, many software development agencies are also coming up with creative solutions with the help of Augmented Reality. AR has found its way into medical training, retail, manufacturing, automobile, tourism, field services, and many more industries. 

Leaving the real ties behind, virtual reality gives you a different experience of traveling to a different world. There are three categories of VR- non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive, among which the fully immersive has grabbed the most people's attention. This has motivated companies to invent futuristic VR headsets like Oculus Rift. This type of implementation of virtual reality is helpful in many industries, such as gaming, infrastructure, architecture, fashion, entertainment, etc. Though these two technologies, AR and VR, apparently look the same, they are different. AR blends computer-generated information onto the user's actual environment, while VR uses computer-generated information to provide a complete sense of absorption.


Artificial Intelligence

If we need to take the name of the one technology that has seen massive acceptance in the last decade, it is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence. We have witnessed the implementation of AI in many places where machines and software have successfully taken the places of human beings. One such example is AI-enabled chatbots which have made customer support easy and incessant. Many businesses hire dedicated software developers considering AI now a requirement and not just a trend. AI vastly influences Software Development in many fields such as education, banking, finance, retail, inventory management, security, etc. However, we can predict that more and more companies and businesses will come up with AI-based software development needs and hire software developers in the coming years. 

Trend- 3


DevOps, a set of practices that combine software development and IT, is a new rage that aims to integrate software development and operations by establishing a culture of collaboration and sharing. It is a new software engineering methodology with a set of practices and tools companies use to bring in accordance between software development and IT operation teams. 

DevOps is not a technology but an approach or philosophy that prompts people to work together towards a common goal. It is imperative to have clarity between the operations team and developers to finish a software development project successfully. Unfortunately, most companies have faced a silos mentality; thus, DevOps has emerged as a solution. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore its influence because it is one of the software industry trends that aid in everyone's goal-achieving.

Trend- 4


Blockchain technology has not remained limited to cryptocurrency; observing its benefits, many industries have started adopting it. It is a decentralized system where companies can obtain the next level of transparency. Blockchain increases trust, transparency, traceability, and efficiency, making it a widely accepted technology. Blockchain has already marked its way in many industries, such as the food chain, banking, and finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, insurance, etc. 

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Blockchain Technology Market 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire)



Lastly, cybersecurity is going to be the next trend in the field of software development. Every Software Development Company must have observed a continuous increase in the demand for cybersecurity relates software development. When cybercrime has become a new matter of concern, the growth of cybersecurity is obvious. Mid and large-size organizations are keener to develop software that can save them from various cyber crimes and data breaches. Moreover, small companies can not afford to develop in-house software, so they rely upon different security apps that can keep them safe. This trend will also give a push to DevSecOps as it helps in detecting and resolving the threats quite quickly. It is now mandatory for every business to work on the impending vulnerabilities and resolve them. 

The advancements we have discussed here make us wonder about the reach and intelligence of the human brain, which can give us a completely different and mesmerizing experience. 

Software Development- is a universal need

Software Development technologies are changing the world by allowing us to harness the power of the technologies in every other field. We have gradually started leveraging technologies for every need, from education to healthcare and smart homes to digital personal assistants. We are thankful for various software which are making our lives uncomplicated, slashing the efforts to get the work done. But, we should not forget that the Software development field is a fast-growing and quickly-changing industry, where it is difficult to imagine the coming trends. Thus, it is essential to be in touch with the area to keep an eye on the current changes and be with the changing scenario. If you are also looking forward to taking your business to a larger scale, hire a software development company and benefit from this software development trend. 

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