What is .NET Core? And Why should you use .NET Core?

.Net Core can be defined as a free open-source platform developed by Microsoft along with .NET community over GitHub. It is a cross platform that supports operating systems like macOS, Windows and Linux.

.Net Core is an amazing platform embedded with a number of characteristics which helps build cloud, device and loT applications. Let us have a look at its characteristics that make it an efficient platform for the developers.

  • Cross-platform
  • Command-line tools
  • Compatible with the frameworks like - .Net framework, Mono, Xamarin
  • Open source
  • Supported by Microsoft
  • Flexible installation

Why should you use .NET core?

Microsoft introduced two major frameworks to develop software- .NET framework &.NET core.
Out of the two frameworks listed above, the .NET core is the modern and multipurpose, multi platform, efficient, fast software. The .NET Core has been designed specifically to meet the needs of most modern applications. Also, a large community backs the software. Some advantages listed below would help you know why the .NET core is the preferred platform for software development.

  • NET Core is fresh, rewritten and is the latest replacement of its predecessor - .NET Framework.
  • .NET Core works across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems whereas .NET framework cannot perform the same role.
  • .NET Core is an open-source platform whereas the .NET framework is actually not.
  • .NET Core is scalable and faster as well as designed to be compatible with the latest libraries & languages.
  • Entity Framework Core works better with mappings, query performance and migrations as compared to Entity framework used in .NET Framework
  • .Net core comprises of Microservices included under SOA which is pretty simple to install in tiny parts
  • .NET Core 3 supports Windows Forms as well as WPF to help .NET Core Developer India build advanced Windows client applications.
  • It is embedded with features like reflections that are supported by .NET Core.
  • The .NET is modular and much lighter as compared to .NET Framework.
  • If you are willing to make use of different .NET versions in just a single project then.NET core is certainly the better option
  • .NET Core is considerably faster than the .NET Framework. 

When to use .NET core?

Many software development companies rely on the .NET core when they need to build applications on almost any platform. They use it for cloud applications or restructuring the existing code for applications to microservices especially for large enterprise

.NET core - Developers should use it when

Cross-platform needs arise: A .NET Core Development Company ensures that their developers use .Net core if the application needs to operate over multiple platforms like macOS, Linux and Windows. These operating systems are considered as workstations for NET Core Development

  • Visual Studio is helpful in case of Windows with a latest limited version for MacOS
  • Visual Studio Code can be utilized on Linux, Windows and macOS.
  • The command line can be utilized on every supported platform.

Microservices are used: Microservices is a service-based structure or software applications that consist of modular and small business services. Each service is capable enough to run a particular process and can be installed separately. It can also be developed in multiple programming applications.  .NET Core enables the fusion of technologies and has a simple design which can easily shrink for every microservice. It can be easily modified on adding microservices.

Docker containers are utilized: Containers and microservices structure are used in combination as they are modular and lightweight and.NET Core is compatible with the containers. It becomes easy to install server apps over cross-platform to Docker containers.

When you need a scalable system and high performance: Expert companies in .Net like ManekTech recommends that .NET Core Developer India should run .NET Core with ASP.NET Core to fetch higher performance as well as scalability. It becomes even more important when microservices in large numbers are used. This will require less virtual machines and servers in turn. The scalability and performance achieved can help attain excellent user experience and also let you save a lot of money.

In case running different versions of .NET versions simultaneously: To deploy applications that support different versions of structures in .NET, experienced developers in ManekTech use.NET Core which helps run multiple services on a single server having multiple .NET versions Also, using .NET core proves to be the better option when you need command-line interface (CLI) control.


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