What is Umbraco? Benefit of using Umbraco as Content Management System

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    Umbraco is one of the widely known cloud based and open source Content Management System (CMS) based on Microsoft ASP.NET framework. Umbraco content management system is a perfect CMS that allows you to create, edit content and extract entire content from the front end and set it up almost anywhere you wish to over a single page. Umbraco content management system is highly flexible and gives you the liberty to explore the design detail especially when it comes to adding or editing different pages.

    Umbraco is known for its highly flexible design the lets you set up almost any site you wish to like small campaign sites, brochure sites and even the most complex application used by big brands or media sites.

    The best part of the Umbraco website is that it can be integrated with the existing back-office management software. It means that you don’t have to update any new details at two different places and thus it saves a lot of time.

    Benefits of using Umbraco as Content Management System (CMS)

    Umbraco is gaining popularity because of the benefits it offers to businesses irrespective of the business size. Some of the benefits of Umbraco CMS for your business are listed below

    Umbraco CMS is absolutely free: Yes, Umbraco content management system is absolutely free, and you do not have out shell out even a single penny to use Umbraco CMS development services. Well, you will have to pay just for the design service. Hence, this platform lets you save a lot of money to launch your website. On the other hand, if you wish to download certain extra packages to get added advanced features, it will require a payment to access those added features.  Since Umbraco is an open source platform you can just access it for free and in case you do not wish to opt for the services in near future you can just hire a web designer having knowledge of Umbraco.

    Umbraco CMS makes content publishing easier: Content is the integral part of any website. Thus, one should wisely choose a complete CMS to take care of content management and a platform that simplifies the content management process. Umbraco allows you to use MS Word to craft and publish content, means the entire process is simplified. You can also save different version of the content written so that you can come back anytime to compare them again. Umbraco makes it easy for you to add photos and documents. Apart from this you can use media library with great ease and manage media without getting into depth of learning how to use media.

    Umbraco CMS is backed by huge support community: Of course, the process of website development takes a considerable amount of time and from development and design to its launch. Post its launch, you surely want to manage it properly. When you opt for Umbraco website development services, you avail the benefits of its huge support community that allows you to raise queries and get advice from expert Umraco developers or other members in the community. You get help round the clock so for every question that you have you will definitely get the answer.

    Perfect cloud-based CMS: With Umbraco, you don’t need to wait or pay for the next versions as you get instant updates and your site operates using the latest version available for this platform. As Umbraco is an amazing cloud-based content management system, you don’t need to spend time and engage in bug fixing or installation process.

    Takes care of SEO (Search Engine Optimization): When you decide to go with Umbraco web design services, you place yourself in the right position to optimize your website to be found in search engines. SEO is a time-consuming process and once your site is launched you surely want it to be SEO optimized already so that you do stay ahead in the competition. Umbraco helps optimize the sites as per SEO standards and you can get better results through the SEO optimization feature in this CMS post launch of your site.

    Gain complete control over content management systems: Are you willing to add features like a contact form to your website? Don’t worry it is absolutely not a rocket science with Umbraco CMS websites. On the other hand, you don’t have to be an expert web designer to do this as you can just download the relevant package and install the form to your site in a few clicks. So, this give you better control over adding features to the site without having any design skills.


    With ManekTech you will get assistance and control over your content using the most reliable system- Umbraco CMS. If you own an ecommerce site, no worries as ManekTech offers impressive Umbraco ecommerce site that would fulfil the needs of your ecommerce business.

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