Lift your business up to new heights by leveraging the power of one of the great PHP frameworks – Phalcon. Phalcon is extensively used to create fast, secure and scalable applications. Being top-rated Phalcon development company, ManekTech helps you create excellent websites, eCommerce sites, mobile applications and more using the Phalcon PHP framework, to give your business a competitive edge.


Phalcon Web Development Services

Phalcon is a high-performance web development framework that is based on Model View Controller architecture, and written in Zephir and C programming languages. Since its launch in 2012, it has remained a favorite choice of programming language for developers. The developers don’t need to learn C language in order to use Phalcon because all of its functionalities are put in the form of ready-to-use classes and extensions.

Phalcom emerged as one of the fastest, most secured and full-stack frameworks to build high-performance applications effortlessly. That is because of its efficient memory utilization. Unlike other PHP frameworks, it doesn’t use file read and file stats operations, which results in high performance and improved efficiency.

High Speed: Since Phalcon can handle a large number of HTTP requests, it provides exceptional speed to the web apps.

Ready-to-Use Extensions: Phalcon has tons of inbuilt classes and functions that make the entire application development process faster and easier. 


Build and Manage Web Applications

Being a long-standing Phalcon development service provider, ManekTech has gathered immense experience in Phalcon development that is necessary to deliver compelling web applications. We are backed by the team of skilled Phalcon developers who relentlessly work hard to provide an application that exceeds your expectations. When you choose us as your Phalcon development company, we assure you that you will benefit from low setup and implementation time as well as around the clock support, and not to forget to mention an outstanding performance. The exceptional capabilities of Phalcon combined with extreme knowledge of our Phalcon experts will help you secure unwavering top position in the competitive market.

Industry Expertise

ManekTech is a highly reliable Phalcon Development Company. Our Phalcon developers have comprehensive knowledge of the Phalcon and adopt a unique approach to build web applications and streamlining software development. We also build best-in class enterprise apps and provide software and web based projects to all business organizations.

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