PHP is used as a general purpose programming language that is especially suited to server side web development. Any PHP code in a requested file is executed by the PHP run time, usually to create dynamic web content.


PHP: Server-side scripting language designed for web development!

PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed.  With PHP server side scripting language, it is executed on the server before it gets to the web browser of the user.
PHP is well suited for web development and the creation of dynamic web pages applications, e-commerce and database applications. Its ability to easily connect with MYSQL, Oracle and other database makes PHP one of the friendly languages appreciated by developers on a wide ground.
We have listed few advantages of PHP below:

  • PHP can perform system function
  • PHP can collects data from files, save data to a file
  • PHP provides the facility to modify elements within the database.
  • Access cookies variables and set cookies.
  • PHP can restrict users to access some pages of the website
  • PHP can also encrypt data

With the multiple easy and salient features, PHP has becomes the most loved choice of developers to design the web pages.


ManekTech: Your Technical partner for Web Development!

We are in technical business for more than seven years serving the business needs of various enterprises. Our clients considered as their technical partner and trust us with the process. Our talented developers makes the process smooth by offering the best PHP development services as per the budget and need of the project.
With the ease and proficiency of the language, it can be used with most of the operating systems. It also supports most web servers like Apache and IIS. Being one of the prominent PHP development company, ManekTech suggests you the best way forward for your project.

There could not be two views on the fact that PHP has now becomes one of the most popular languages among developers. PHP web development is easy to be the beginner’s first server side language.

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