Polymer.JS is one of the popular open-source JavaScript libraries that is extensively used to develop web applications by utilizing Web Components. Developed by Google developers and GitHub contributors, Polymer has been used by many well-known brands like McDonald’s, IBM and Coca-Cola. ManekTech is a leading Polymer.JS development company, leveraging the excellence of Polymer.JS platform to help our clients scale up their businesses faster and more easily.


Polymer.JS – An Open-source JavaScript Based Library

Polymer has given rise to a powerful new web development platform know as Web Components. These components combine system design, consumability, reliability and interoperability to the platform that enhances developers’ productivity. Which means it offers an ability to Polymer.JS developers to design their own HTML elements and bring them together to create a feature-rich and complex web applications in the fastest and most manageable way.

But, what exactly are the Web Components? Web Components are a set of standards that are created by Google for the building of reusable components or widgets that can be used in web applications.

Generally, the Web Components are formed by four specifications:
Custom Elements: Developers can create their own design elements just like other HTML tags.
HTML Templates: It allows the creation of defined sections of markup that remains uniform along with incorporating dynamic content.
HTML Imports: It lets you import and reuse HTML documents in different HTML documents.
Shadow DOM: It forms functional boundaries between the DOM tree and the sub trees to abstract all the complexities. 


Polymer.JS Development

When you choose Polymer.JS development, it allows you to build your own custom elements and you can also use the existing ones to extend the functionality of your application. You can create a new template of your custom elements by using the combination of CSS, HTML and JavaScript, which also includes the feature that you would want to have in your app.

Polymer utilizes good material design for creating user interface which enables Polymer.JS developers in India to effortlessly develop hybrid mobile applications to deliver a smooth navigation experience to end users. This enhances the look and feel of the new hybrid application similar to the interface of new Android L as both are created with same UX principles.

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