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A perfect solution for donation management to efficiently manage and keep track of donations from individuals worldwide.

Non-Profit Organization


Our client is a non-profit organization with a mission to assist widows in the region. The client is looking for a donor management system to efficiently manage and keep track of donations from individuals worldwide.


Many people from different countries donate to the widows. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the client to track and manage all the donations. The client was looking for efficient donor management software to overcome this challenge.

  • Developing an auto-payment script with custom logic allows users to donate quickly and seamlessly.
  • Implementing automated fundraising software to retry on failed transactions helps in a higher success rate and smoother transactions.
  • Providing comprehensive country-based reporting tools for admins gives them in-depth insights into donation trends and contributions from diverse regions. 
  • Another main challenge was deducting payment 10 minutes before the candlelight; the candlelight time is different in the city and country.




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Giving importance to the client’s requirement, our team suggested developing a Donation Management System website with multiple plans for the people to donate. Selecting a suitable plan will allow the user to donate easily. By doing so, the admin user will also be able to keep track of donations received from different countries.

Key Features:

  • Subscription Management: User can subscribe to the donation management platform to make regular donations, specifying the amount of their contribution.
  • Weekly/Monthly Payment Option: Donors can choose between weekly or monthly payment schedules, making it convenient for the contributor.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Multiple payment gateways such as Banquest, Stripe, and Cardknox are integrated into the donation management system to accept donations from multiple countries. 
  • Automatic Deductions:  The charity donation website automatically deducts the amount based on the user's chosen plan.



Using the Fundraising platforms cum application makes it easier for the user to donate and helps the admin user manage all the donations. The admin user is also able to keep track of the amount of donations received from different countries.


Technologies and Tools

  • Frontend: PHP, Vue JS
  • Backend: Laravel
  • Database: MySQL
  • Data Storage: AWS S3

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