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Making Cookie Shopping Easy: How ManekTech's Online Upgrade Transformed Cookie Twist's Business

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In the USA, Cookie Twist has expanded to a new location with two unique stores. These establishments remain the top choices for delicious cakes, pastries, and breads. Our client has partnered with Walmart for convenient shopping experiences and quick deliveries; our client has teamed up with 7-Eleven and similar stores nationwide. This ensures that customers can enjoy our treats efficiently and promptly.


Our client wanted to set up an online store to sell cookies and needed a simple logo. We also had to devise a plan for the brand and create new cookie types like Chocolate Chip Delight, Oatmeal Raisin Crunch, Hazelnut Bliss, and Mint Chocolate Treat. We had to design paper and online materials with a tight deadline. The team at Manektech was excited about the challenge.

To start, we understood what our client wanted before we began to design anything. This was crucial to create a strong base for our work. Whether it was making the logo, setting up the online store, figuring out how to send and deliver cookies, or designing the packages, we didn't just focus on making things look good; we wanted to capture what the brand stood for. Knowing our client's goals was crucial for getting the logo right.

The big goal for our client was to have an online store where they could sell cookies, make it easy for people to buy, and have UBER Eats handle the deliveries.


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Our team built a vibrant and attractive new Bakery Product Online Ordering System website with lively colors and valuable features. We added an Instagram feed to display various images, a map and directory for the campus, a timeline to explore history interactively, an event calendar, a blog, and more.


Key Features:

  • User Access: User access is facilitated through Single sign-on (SSO). Users can log in using their email and password or opt for the convenience of social login via Google or Facebook. For iOS users, the mandatory Apple Sign-In is seamlessly integrated, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Registration: Upon registration, users provide essential details like email, phone, and password. To enhance user engagement, options are available to agree to terms and privacy policies. The registration process includes a mandatory email verification step through a code sent to the user's email. Users can also enrich their profiles with information such as first name, last name, date of birth, address, gender, and category preferences.
  • Forgot Password: A robust password recovery system is in place. Users can initiate a password reset by entering their email, triggering the delivery of a secure password reset link via email.
  • Home Page: The user can view the home page without login and can view the banner, and featured menu items, item of the day, and best-selling items the user can choose the food item (Cookie) and choose different variations with regards to color, size, quantity, toppings, addons and can proceed to cart and add delivery location as well as profile creation information. Upon successful login, users are seamlessly directed to the home page.
  • Search: The search functionality allows users to enter keywords, triggering a dynamic display of item listings matching the input using AJAX Search. Clicking on an item seamlessly navigates users to its detailed information page.
  • Filters: To refine and customize their browsing experience, users can apply filters such as Distance, pickup/ delivery, and various categories.
  • Item Details: Detailed information about each item is presented upon user interaction. This includes comprehensive details such as name, images, categories, address, distance, star ratings, and actual and discounted prices. Users have the ability to add items to their favorites, adjust quantities, and proceed seamlessly through the checkout process.
  • Payment and E-Commerce Integration: The app integrates WooCommerce for a robust and scalable e-commerce experience. For online transactions, users are seamlessly redirected to a secure web page for payment processing. The payment gateway is powered by Stripe for a secure and efficient payment process.
  • Order History: Users can track and manage their order history efficiently. The system provides a comprehensive listing of orders, including status updates. In cases where payment is pending, users are prompted with a convenient payment button. QR codes are generated for each order, facilitating quick access to detailed information.
  • Order Details: Detailed insights into each order are available through the Order Details screen. This includes a breakdown of items, total amount, taxes, discounted amount, and the final payment. Users can also contribute to the community by adding ratings and reviews for each item.
  • Favourites: The Favourites feature empowers users to curate a personalized list of preferred items, allowing easy management and removal.
  • Profile and Security: Users have the ability to view and update their profiles seamlessly. The Change Password feature enables users to modify their passwords by providing the old and new password details for added security.
  • Live Chat: A real-time communication feature is integrated through webview. In scenarios where web view support is limited, adjustments may be made to the feature.
  • About Us: The About Us page gives users insights into the app's background and purpose, fostering transparency and connection with the brand.



  • User Management: Admins can manage user accounts, including creating, updating, and deleting user profiles and Accessing user information, order history, and customer preferences for better service customization.
  • Food Menu Management: Comprehensive control over the food menu, allowing admins to add, edit, or remove items and an option to categorize food items under specific headings like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Groceries, Vegan/Vegetarian, and Baked Goods.
  • Category Management: Admins can create, update, and delete categories, ensuring a well-structured menu, product presentation, and inventory.


Website Content Management:

  • Header and Footer: Admins can modify and update the website's header and footer sections, providing flexibility for branding and communication.
  • Image Management: Full control over website images, facilitating updates for a visually appealing user experience.
  • Menu Edits: Admins can effortlessly manage and update the website's menu, ensuring it aligns with the latest offerings.

CMS Pages CRUD Operations: Admins can create, read, update, and delete content on CMS (Content Management System) pages. Seamless management of About Us, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy pages for accurate and up-to-date information.

Product Variants Management: Admins can handle product variants efficiently, allowing for the addition, modification, or removal of product variations. Variants may include size options, toppings, or any other customizable features.

UberEats Orders Management: Integration with UberEats API enables admins to view and manage UberEats orders directly from the WordPress admin panel. Real-time updates on order statuses, facilitating seamless coordination between the website and Uber Eats platform.


Order Management: 

  • Admins can view and manage all orders placed on the platform.
  • Access to detailed order information, including items, total amount, taxes, and customer details.
  • Convenient options to update order statuses, process payments, and view QR codes.


Reward System:

  • Admins can add and manage rewards, assigning user points based on their activities and purchases.
  • Points can be earned through purchases, referring friends, or participating in promotions.
  • Admins can set point redemption options, such as discounts on future purchases or exclusive perks.
  • Detailed tracking of user points, allowing admins to analyze user engagement and export functionality

Product Inventory Management: Admins can add and manage product inventory, track available stock, update stock levels, set alerts for low inventory, and manage product availability effortlessly.


Dashboard and Analytics:

  • A centralized dashboard gives admins key insights into website performance, order trends, and customer behaviour.
  • Analytics tools for tracking sales, customer engagement, and website traffic.


Manektech helped the client upgrade and transform Cookie Twist’s business, making it easy for the customers to order cookies. Our team helped them build a user-friendly website with features like easy login, quick registration, and a great search function. The website also smoothly connects with popular platforms like Uber Eats for deliveries. Admins can easily manage orders, keep track of inventory, and can have business insights. Overall, it's boosted Cookie Twist's online presence, making it a go-to spot for tasty treats.

Technologies and Tools:

  • Frontend: WordPress
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Tools: VS Code

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