Synergy Connect - Restaurant Food Waste & Used Cooking Oil Management Platform

Bridging the gap between restaurants and waste management service providers.



Our client, a dynamic technology solutions provider based in the United States, recognized the challenges businesses face in restaurant waste management, used cooking oil recycling, and other services. With a commitment to transforming industry processes, our client finds a solution in the form of a food waste management app that seamlessly connects restaurants and service providers, streamlining waste management and recycling workflows.


Many businesses run nowadays that provide restaurant waste management and used cooking oil recycling services. On the other hand, many restaurants are searching for service providers who can provide such services. The main challenge is how to bring them together. Our client requested help with something that brings both these entities together and makes things easier for them.

  • Oil Collection Routing with Google Maps API: Building a system that optimizes the routing for a driver responsible for collecting oil from various collection points using Google Maps APIs. The goal is to efficiently plan routes for multiple drivers to minimize travel time and fuel consumption while ensuring that all collection points are covered.
  • Big Data and Project Development with Relationing: Designing a robust and scalable database that handles large amounts of data and complex relationships between entities. This project's task is to design the database schema to efficiently manage and retrieve data while ensuring data integrity and performance.


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To overcome the challenge, our team suggested developing a platform where restaurants and service providers can both register, and service providers can get leads – restaurants looking for services. So the entire process goes very smoothly, and it can not be a trouble for the restaurants to search for service providers. Restaurants can come to the restaurant waste management system and submit a service request. Service providers, on the other hand, will receive the leads. 

Key Features:

  • Schedule Service: Allows restaurants to schedule services at their appropriate time. Upon receiving the service request, the lead will be transferred to the service provider of that particular location. 
  • Route Generation: Synergy Connect, one of the best food waste collection apps,  a salesperson will generate a route for the service provider using route generation Google API. The route will be generated considering all the restaurants the service provider needs to visit. 
  • Easy Tracking: Service Providers can easily track which driver is assigned to the restaurants and which route the driver follows. 
  • Reports: The admin can easily view and export the reports. Reports can be generated based on particular service, Restaurant-wise or service provider-wise.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: payment gateway is integrated for easy and seamless transactions.


Synergy Connect changed the way restaurants deal with waste and used cooking oil. User-friendly interface that makes it easy for restaurants and service providers to work together. Restaurants can easily pick when they need services, and waste providers can save time with smart route planning and tracking. The restaurant waste management platform also helps managers with detailed reports and has a secure payment system. Overall, Synergy Connects makes waste management and recycling services simpler and more efficient for everyone involved in the restaurant industry.

Technologies and Tools

  • Frontend: Laravel
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel
  • Database: MySQL
  • Other Technology: AWS, Authorized Payment, Mailgun

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