Medicare: Hospital Management and Healthcare Mobile App

Making healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

PHP , Laravel


Our client is one of the leading names in providing healthcare services. They envision a healthcare system where cost is not a barrier to essential medical procedures. They want to create a healthcare management app where individuals can access quality healthcare services without financial constraints.


The client wanted to develop a system that addresses the healthcare sector's complex challenges and makes it easy and smooth for the people involved. The client came to us to create a Healthcare Management Application focusing on strategies for public health security.


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Having proven experience in the field of Healthcare, our team of developers easily recognized and understood the needs of the client. Our team having the required skills quickly implemented the modules that were needed by the client. A web application is developed to ensure price transparency, easy checkouts, and accessibility to a range of healthcare services. 

Key Features:

  • Dashboard: The healthcare web application’s dashboard provides an overview of patients, facilities, feedback, and appointments. It also displays the appointments for general updates, new packages and related information.
  • Enables admin to manage user roles and access: Allows addition, editing, and deletion of users with the flexibility to activate or deactivate accounts.
  • Service Management: Offers a centralized view of available healthcare services. Allows admin to add, edit, and delete services while managing their status (Active/Inactive)
  • Bodypart Management: Maintains a list of body parts involved in medical procedures. Admin can add, edit, delete and activate/inactivate body parts.
  • Package Management: Displays a list of available packages, including details such as title, services, and pricing. It also offers filters for easy package search and allows admin to add, edit, or delete packages.
  • Competitor Management: This displays a list of competitors with details like services offered, pricing and body parts covered.
  • Appointments: Allows admin to view, filter, and manage appointment details. Offers appointment status tracking based on date, facility, package, and appointment status.
  • Payments: Presents an overview of total, facility-wise, and pending amounts. Allows admin to filter payments based on date, payment status, and appointment status.
  • Reviews and Feedback: Allows patients to share reviews and ratings for healthcare facilities. Admin can collect the user feedback to make ongoing improvements to the application.


The Healthcare Management Web Application has successfully created a bridge between patients and healthcare facilities, ensuring affordable and transparent access to medical Procedures. The platform simplifies appointment scheduling, payment tracking, and user feedback, enhancing the overall healthcare experience for all users.

Technologies and Tools

  • Backend: Laravel, PHP
  • Database: MySql
  • Tools: Vs Code

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