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It is a life-changing live-streaming platform for those seeking inspiration and wanting to share their inspiring story with others.

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PHP , ReactJS


We teamed up with someone passionate about creating content and inspiring others to build TechTales. It’s a special live video streaming app that uses technology and storytelling to inspire and lift the spirits of today’s generation.


Our client requested help with a solution in the form of a video streaming platform through which they can inspire today’s generation through storytelling combined with technology. The main concept was allowing individual users to share their inspiring and life-changing events with the world. The viewers can view them and gain inspiration and guidance from the experiences shared by others. The client requested something using which they can inspire today’s generation as well as generate revenue from it. 

  • One of the primary challenges our team faced was related to video streaming security. They initially used for video streaming, but a significant issue arose: the system was not secure enough to allow any user to obtain the video URL and access the content.
    • To address the security concerns with video streaming, our team implemented a solution by converting the videos into HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format. This prevented unauthorized access to the URL, enhancing the security measures.
  • Another challenge was the inability to detect blocked URLs from the user’s perspective. Our team was looking for a way to inform users if a payment URL was blocked, ensuring a seamless user experience.
    • We introduced a block detection API in the live-streaming app to tackle the issue of detecting blocked URLs. This API notifies users if a URL is blocked, ensuring a smoother and more informative user experience.


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Our team helped the client develop a live video streaming website and mobile application that provides a platform to sell and access videos/movies online using HLS. The live streaming website application has a one-time payment where the user can pay on time for any of the videos or movies and have lifetime access.

Key Features:

  • Donation Freedom: Allows users to donate by selecting an amount they want and adding the card details.  
  • TechTales Updates Network: Subscribe feature for the users to get all the TechTales updates on various social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Inspiring User Stories: The live streaming platform allows users to submit their own stories, and TechTales will create a video/movie and upload it on TechTales so that other people can get inspired.
  • Content Categorization: Videos are categorized based on the content type, which helps users explore the contents of their choice and saves time.
  • Effortless Video Purchases: Hassle-free purchase of the videos by just clicking on the video/movie the user is interested in and selecting a kind of purchase (Per Person, Per Family, Group Showings) the user wishes to have.


Our collaboration with the client successfully developed a live streaming website and mobile application that utilized the power of storytelling and technology to inspire today's generation. This not only inspires users but also helps admin in effective revenue generation.

Technologies and Tools

  • Frontend: PHP, React
  • Backend: Laravel
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Data Storage: AWS B2
  • Other Technology used: Vapor, Cloudflare

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