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A guide to seamless patient experience.

PHP , WordPress


Our client, a top healthcare provider, wanted one of the best patient engagement solutions that makes things better for patients, visitors, and those wanting to help others.


The hospital had trouble making things clear and easy for patients and visitors. They needed simpler processes, clear communication, and easy access to information.


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We created a complete website for healthcare management with helpful features like finding specific doctors, giving detailed patient info, visitor guidelines, an easy-to-use gift shop, a list of services, directions, info about community classes, and details of donations.

Key Features: 

  • Finding a Doctor: Patients can easily search for a doctor based on their specialty and the language preferred by the patient. Based on the specialty and language selected, the patients will view a list of all the doctors displaying basic details such as image name, degree, location, and phone number (https://myidealwedding.com.au).
  • Patient Information: It has very precise information for all kinds of patients, such as Patients who want to visit, Patients who have already visited, and Patients who are already in the process. This will give the patients detailed ideas and instructions regarding the process and how they can care for themselves during the three stages.
  • Visitors Time and Guidelines: From here, the visitors will learn the visiting hours and time they are allowed to meet the patients. This will be different for the different specialties, so everyone will get to know their visiting hours from here.
  • Gift Shop: This is for the users who want to gift their loved ones, letting them know how much they care for them and making them happy. For this, users can simply ask the gift volunteer for the name of the patient, room number, and product they want to gift, and they can easily send it to the patient, making the entire process easy and without disturbing a patient.
  • Services:  Patients can easily view a list of all the services and sort them alphabetically. Clicking on any of the services, the user will get to know the details of that particular service.
  • Directions and Parking: Using the directions, patients can easily reach the location and know about the parking details, such as where to park and parking fees.
  • Community: From here, the patients will be able to know the community class details. Multiple classes can be organized, such as diabetes education, trauma prevention programs, healthy living, etc. Patients will know the program's location, duration, and more. 
  • Donations: Users will get to know all the donation-related information from here


The newly developed website with a patient management system improved things for patients by helping them find doctors, understand their care journey, and get the information they need. Visitors also found it more accessible with clear guidelines and a simple way to send gifts. The platform also made community engagement and donations smoother, creating a sense of community and care in the healthcare facility.

Technologies and Tools:

  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Tools: VS Code

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