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Optimizing sales management for a company having a multilevel of salespersons.



Our client is a leading sales organization operating on a multilevel structure and has faced significant challenges in tracking and managing the performance of their extensive sales team. Recognizing the need for a centralized and real-time solution, they thought to have a robust sales management tool to streamline operations, improve data integrity, and enhance overall sales efficiency.


A company with a multilevel salesperson usually needs help keeping track of their sales. They had a lot of sales agents, and it took a lot of work to see the progress of individual salespersons. A centralized sales management software system is necessary to maintain productivity, resulting in sales data deviation. People must put in lots of manual effort to check the products available for sale and keep track of all the customers. It also creates difficulty in reviewing and managing sales driven by individual salespersons.

  • Data Integrity and Record-Keeping: Maintaining data integrity in a real-time system was challenging, especially when multiple users made concurrent changes.
    •  Implemented proper database transaction management, used database locks, and considered event sourcing to maintain a chronological record of data changes.
  • Offline Functionality: Sales agents may need to work offline in areas with poor connectivity. Providing offline functionality was complex.
    • Designed a mobile app to store and sync data locally when the connectivity is available. Used Redis for queuing and background processing.
  • Real-time Data Synchronization: Ensuring all clients have real-time access to data related to their sales agent’s funnels and activities can be complex. Changes made by one client need to be instantly reflected to others.
    • Implemented WebSocket Technology or Server-Sent Events to facilitate real-time data synchronization. As a data store and message broker, Redis can help distribute real-time updates efficiently.


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To solve the challenge, our development team suggested developing a sales record-keeping system that helps the user manage all things, from the products they have to the total sales made by every salesperson. The sales tracking tool also allows the user to control the inventory. The system helps generate several different reports for the admin to get insights on overall revenue generated and track the salesperson's progress.

Key Features:

  • Multilevel Role-Based Access System: Implemented role-based access control to ensure data security and restrict access based on user roles. 
  • Sales Tracking: Enabled real-time tracking of sales activities, including sales orders, product inventory, and customer data.
  • Live Sales Agent Tracking with Mobile App GPS: Utilized GPS technology in the mobile app to track the live location of sales agents. Super admin can view the report of any particular agent on how many places the agent has visited.
  • Sales Performance Management: Given tools to monitor and evaluate the performance of sales agents, set targets, and analyze sales data.
  • Inventory Management: Streamline inventory control, allowing efficient management of stock levels and preventing overstock and stockouts.
  • Sales Leaderboard and Incentives: Introduced a leaderboard system to encourage healthy competition among sales agents and incentivize top performers.
  • Mobile Offline Mode: Enabled sales agents to continue working even in areas with limited connectivity, with a data sync when the connection is restored.


The Nexus System has given transformative results. Efficiency and productivity have increased as the sales process was streamlined and manual efforts have been reduced. The system’s precise inventory management led to a marked decrease in errors and helped maintain financial transparency. It also has a leaderboard that helps create healthy competition among the sales persons. Effective inventory management further contributed to cost savings by preventing overstock and stockouts. Ultimately, the Nexus system empowered the sales organization, improving sales performance and decision-making capabilities.

Technologies and Tools

  • Frontend: jQuery
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel
  • Database: MySQL
  • Other Technology: SAP Third-party API

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