Quantum Buy: Tent and Signage Store Management Solution

Our California tent and signage manufacturer client wants to create an online shopping website for camping tents and signage to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their products. Our team tested and fixed any issues throughout the development, ensuring everything worked well and met the client's goal of ensuring customer happiness and product satisfaction.

PHP , WordPress


Our client is from California and has been involved in the family business since 1997 as a tent and signage manufacturer. Our client's main goal was to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their products. They have asked us to build a signage management website for their business.


One of our web development team's most significant challenges was ensuring the seamless integration of custom functionalities, especially incorporating AJAX technology for dynamic updates. Balancing the real-time responsiveness of the cart, intelligent search suggestions, and interactive user interfaces requires precise coding and coordination. Additionally, ensuring the security and smooth functioning of custom payment gateway integrations may pose challenges, as it involves handling sensitive user data and financial transactions.


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To solve the challenge of smoothly adding special features, especially AJAX technology, our team took a careful approach. We tested and fixed any problems throughout the development, ensuring everything worked well. We used precise coding to make sure the real-time responsiveness of the cart, smart search suggestions, and users can interact easily. Team collaboration and coordination were vital in keeping everything organized and working smoothly during development.

Key Features:

  • Easy Registration and Login: Our team has developed a custom user registration form using WordPress for user registration. Existing users can log in through the default WordPress mechanism using their email address and password.
  • Home Page: Employing WordPress, the homepage is structured using a custom WordPress theme. The “Get a Quote” and "Shop Now" buttons on banners are implemented using custom HTML and CSS, ensuring seamless integration within the WordPress environment. From the home page, users can view the most popular event products and trending products and have the option to browse products by their use.
  • Product Listing: WordPress custom post types and taxonomies are used to organize products neatly. Custom templates display product information, utilizing PHP to fetch and present data dynamically. Users can view a list of products with the product details such as name, title, price, and ratings. 
  • Filters and Sorting Options: Custom WordPress queries are created to fetch and present product information based on the user's applied filters. To enhance user experience, our team has integrated AJAX into the website. AJAX will make the search smarter, it shows suggestions in real-time as you type, making searching faster and more convenient
  • Product Detail Page: Clicking on a product shows all its details, including images, information, availability, price, and user reviews. Users can also share products on social media.
  • Cart: On the website, to seamlessly manage the cart functionalities. Our development team has used AJAX technology, to ensure that the cart updates dynamically, providing a smooth and real-time experience for users, all without the hassle of reloading the entire page. This will help to enhance the overall efficiency and interactivity of the shopping experience. 
  • Order Summary: This function will offer users a comprehensive overview of their purchases. It includes essential details such as the subtotal, applicable taxes, total order cost, and an option for the users to apply discount codes. This feature will help users review and confirm their order details before checkout.
  • Checkout: We've implemented custom payment gateway integrations in WordPress to enhance checkout. We've seamlessly merged payment options like PayPal and credit card transactions by utilizing a dedicated plugin like "WooCommerce" and integrating custom code. This ensures a secure and user-friendly experience, streamlining the entire payment process for customers purchasing on the platform.
  • My Orders: Allowing customers to track and manage their past purchases. This section provides an overview of order history, including current status (delivered, in transit), facilitating transparency, and easy access to essential order-related details.
  • Image Gallery: The image gallery function in WordPress allows users to browse through a collection of visuals using a dedicated section on the website. Administrators can easily upload, organize, and display images using built-in media management features.
  • Request Quote: Users can find this option on the product detail page. After reviewing all the product details, if the user is interested, they can choose the “Request Quote” option, where they will need to fill out a form and submit the request.


The outcome has been overwhelmingly positive following the implementation of custom functionalities and enhanced features on the website. Customers now experience a smoother and more interactive shopping journey. The streamlined checkout process, along with improved order tracking, has significantly increased customer satisfaction. As a result, the client has achieved its primary goal of ensuring customer happiness and product satisfaction.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Frontend: WordPress
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Tools: VS Code

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