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Now, it is easy to connect with people via VoIP calls with many features: voicemail, voice recording, chatting, and call forwarding with DND, It can easily manage phone books, public or private, with added notes during an ongoing call.

AngularJS , PHP , Laravel , ElectronJS


The customer, a well-established telecommunication company with a presence across the United States, specializes in providing VoIP phone systems. Client-facing challenge with traditional phone systems: ManekTech worked closely with the client to develop an advanced platform. The new VoIP application included how the calls are handled, enhanced messaging, and many more.


Businesses with a vast support or sales team often need to make numerous calls to reach the relevant people. It is not feasible for this type of business to use the regular number for all the team members and work only with that because of the fewer functionalities available and the inability to keep track of all the calls and messages the individual receives. Our client is in the businesses that sell VoIP phones. This phone provides various features and functionalities that make much work easier for the sales/support team.

  • Backend Infrastructure: Set up robust servers and databases for user authentication, call signaling, chat message storage, and voicemail handling. 
  • Codec Selection: Choose appropriate audio and video codecs to balance audio quality and bandwidth consumption.
  • Call States and Events: Handling the call states and events, such as incoming, outgoing, connected, disconnected, hold, resume, transfer, etc. 
  • Call Establishment and Termination: Managing call setup and teardown and gracefully handling network interruptions are essential to providing a seamless experience.


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Based on the client's requirements and the features the phones provide, we have developed a virtual phone system that helps manage all the features that the phone provides.

Key Features:

  • Calling: The call feature is available for both desktop and mobile devices. This also allows the user to forward a call to the other number and add notes during an ongoing call.
  • Messaging: The VoIP calling app allows users to communicate via chat. There are three different types of chats available: 1. Chat with the internal team member, 2. Chat with external users and 3. Group chat. It also provides information such as whether the user has read the messages or not. Users can share various files such as images, videos and contacts.
  • Voicemails: Suppose the team member is unable to answer the call, the user will have an option to send the voicemail.
  • Intercom: Option for all the team members to communicate over a call internally.
  • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding allows people to call a different phone number.
  • Call Recording: Recording incoming/outgoing calls. You can also email the call recording once the call is completed.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard will display data such as calls made, answered, and failed calls. It also allows the user to filter data based on the date.
  • DND List: Option to add a specific number to the DND list that reminds the team that they don't have to call those numbers.
  • Call History: Call history will have the details of the calls made, such as the user's name, number, date, and duration.
  • Add phonebook: There are two options for the users to upload their phonebook: whether to keep it as public or private. If it is public, then it will also be accessible to other users.
  • Integrations: We also integrated a few of the third-party services that offer the same features, such as ClickUp, Zendesk, ZOHO Desk, HubSpot, Zapier, and more. It helps to synchronize all the data the user has for this particular platform to the other existing third-party services they were using or want to use in the future.


This VoIP call management app effectively solves the problem of handling many calls and messages for companies with big support and sales teams. It helps VoIP phones work even better, ensuring people can talk easily and manage their calls well. It boosts how productive and effective businesses can be.

Technologies and Tools:

  • Frontend: Angular and Electron JS
  • Backend: Laravel
  • Database: MySQL

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