7 Reasons to Use React Native For Your Mobile App Development

If you plan to expand your business, you must consider developing mobile applications. Statistics suggest that mobile apps generated about 318 Billion Dollars in revenue in the year 2020 alone. This revenue is expected to reach $613 Billion by the end of 2025. The numbers suggest that owning a mobile application can be beneficial. However, a mobile app alone cannot guarantee success and profitability. The performance of the mobile app is also essential. Your mobile app should perform efficiently across every OS and device. Which mobile app development framework should you consider? React Native is a good option, and you should always consider it. 

React native is a top-rated mobile application development platform used by developers. In 2020, about 42% of the developers reported using React Native as an application development platform. What makes React Native so popular? React Native is an app development framework that can be used to build native apps in a short period.

There are many other reasons to use React Native for mobile app development. Let's take a look:

1. Cross-platform mobile app development

A single code base is used to develop applications for iOS as well as Android. In addition, you do not require an array of development languages, including JAVA and C++. This allows the developers to launch the same features across different operating systems faster. The time taken for cross-platform development is significantly reduced, further reducing the time to market.

2. Cost-efficiency

React native is a very cost-efficient development language, making react native development quite economical. To start with, the same code base is used to develop applications for different operating systems. This eliminates the need to hire separate developers based on their expertise in the language. Secondly, the same code base fastens the development, keeping the development time short. The third advantage is the expertise required to develop apps. Instead of looking for experts in different languages such as Java and Swift, you can hire a JavaScript developer with knowledge about APIs, UI, and other involved components. As a result, you can save a lot in cross-platform app development using React Native.

3. Similarity to native apps

Using the fundamental units of React Native, you can quickly develop mobile apps that resemble a native app. There is no need to hire a different technology or use a different language to create native apps for every device. You can hire react native developers to get the custom applications developed. and React native easily integrates with graphic processing units to make the user interface resemble native apps. Compared to any other cross-platform application development framework, React Native can be faster and more agile for development.

4. Constant growth

Unlike other languages that lose to the competition, or go redundant, React Native development is here to stay. It has various frameworks and user-friendly manuals that any developer can easily use. Facebook is constantly updating the knowledge repository with new implementations and bug fixes. So, if something is missing today does not mean it will not be available in the future. Using React Native for your mobile app development, you stay progressive with the application and thrive in this competitive environment.

5. Easy web-to-app transformation

Mostly all the companies that initiate mobile app development own a website. Using the fragmented module, intuitive code, and other features of React Native, developers can quickly move from a web page to mobile applications. Understanding the sequence of codes used in developing a mobile application is straightforward.

6. Rich UI

User Interface (UI) is vital in determining the user experience. React Native comes with many pre-built declarative components, such as Switches and Buttons, which can be used to develop attractive UI for the mobile application. You can even make OS-specific components using the components built for that respective OS. Using React Native, you can create a mobile application that works efficiently on every device and Operating System.

7. Easy integration with third-party apps

Today, the mobile application provides an end-to-end solution to any customer. There has to be an efficient solution for providing a good shopping experience using all possible ways of shopping. React Native can be used to integrate different payment modes and other features in the application to provide a better user experience to the customers.


React Native is a growing and trusted framework that has a bright future. It's ever-developing, and one can only expect a better version in the coming years. To harness the power of this advanced technology, hire a React Native Developer and make the most of it. From faster development to developing an attractive user interface for mobile applications, React Native offers a plethora of advantages for you to consider it as a development framework for your mobile application. So start developing a mobile app today to boost the growth of your business and generate higher revenue.

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