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    Google, nowadays, is flooded with a lot of paid ads from app design and development companies, all willing to gain your trust and start business with you. That means now you need to be more careful while hiring remote web app developers to create your dream product. You may get convinced by looking at their portfolio, experience, expertise and client testimonial, but it is better that you talk to them personally and ask questions, so you know what you are going to get for your money. Before you plunge into the Android or iOS development, spend some time to know your developers on whom you are going to invest your time and money. Here is a list of 8 important questions you should ask before you hire app developers to build your application.

    1. What Mobile App Development Skills Do You Have?

    Perhaps, this is the primary question that you should be asking the developers. Ask them if they are able to implement all the features and functionalities you are looking  for in the application. Most IT professionals are skilled with Java, but you should also look for developers who are able to create apps using new tools and frameworks. Ask them about the technology and platform they know the best and what they would suggest for your project.

    2. What Size Companies Have You Worked for Before?

    Companies of different sizes work differently. A large enterprise might have more budget and the developer may be used to work on large projects. The same goes for the small businesses. So, make sure the remote app developers you are planning to hire has experience working with the size of your business.

    3. Can You Give Me a List of Your Past Works and Clients?

    The best way to know about the app developers is to ask them to show their past work samples and a list of clients. In fact, they should be more than happy to showcase their work and take you on tour of the apps they have developed. Once you get to see their work samples, try to speak to some of their clients, which would help you ensure they have delivered great work.

    4. Did You Get Thorough Understanding of My Business, Requirements and Target Customers?

    For any remote web developer, it is essential to get an in-depth understanding of the business and its goals to deliver a successful application. Spend some time to educate them about your business requirements, how it works and what exactly you are looking for. See that if the developer takes a keen interest in knowing what you do. If the developer has worked on applications with similar functionalities, then that might be a good sign.

    5. How Much Will The App Cost?

    This is one of the most asked questions. The cost of application, however, depends on several factors. But, when you state your app requirements, the developer will give you a rough estimation of the development cost. Make sure they commit to complete the project within the specified price range. You can also set milestones and pay when every milestone is accomplished.

    6. What is the Estimated Duration of the Project?

    After you mention your functional requirements and business goals, ask them to tell you the estimated time duration for the completion of the project. From creating a prototype of the app to testing and launching the beta version of the app, every phase must have a deadline, so you can track the progress and calculate the launch date.

    7. Do You Offer Post-Launch Services?

    The job doesn’t complete after the delivery of the application. From time to time you will need to add features, fix bugs and release updates, which all comes under maintenance. After the launch of the application, ensure the same resources will be available during post-launch operations. Ask them about the cost and terms involved in after-launch services.

    8. How Will I Able to Communicate with You?

    Communication is a critical part of any project, especially when you are working with an offshore app development company. The lack of proper communication may lead to confusions and conflicts in the future. Therefore, before you hire web developers, make sure there is a suitable communication channel available, so developers can report you of every task they complete and you can track the progress of your app.


    Mobile applications are a great tool in today’s digital world to reach more customers and drive more revenue. The problem lies in selecting the right mobile app developers. But, if you choose to outsource to app developers in India, you get access to a large pool of skill sets along with cost-effective app development packages. Contact ManekTech today and we are happy to answer all your questions.

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