Angular JS has emerged as one of the most popular front-end frameworks. Companies are hiring Angular JS Development Company and dedicated developers to create attractive and unique frond end designs that enhance user experience.

Here is a comprehensive guide to understanding Angular JS and its different components. 

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a client-side JavaScript framework used to develop unique and highly-responsive web applications. It is developed and maintained by Google, one of the primary reasons behind the growing trust in the framework. It has an MVVW (Model-View-View-Whatever) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that offers high flexibility to develop web applications. The developers can use HTML as the template language and extend its syntax to express the components of the application. Angular JS is often viewed as an innovative framework as it offers:

  • A cohesive set of features to build a CRUD app
  • High-level testability with a range of tests including unit testing and end-to-end testing

What Makes Angular JS Popular?

Angular JS has been developed keeping the CRUD application in consideration, which is also a part of a majority of apps. Its framework revolves around the belief that declarative code is better than imperative code and helpful in building the user interface and interconnecting the software components. A large community of developers and designers is working together, adding to the reliability and credibility of the framework. Companies hire Angular JS developers to develop a unique user interface that attracts users. 

A Sample Angular JS Program

Here is a simple ‘hello world’ Angular JS program to give you a basic idea of the app development framework:

     <script language = "javascript" type = "text/javascript">
           document.write("Hello World!")

Source url: AngularJS Tutorial | What is AngularJS in 2022 - Mindmajix

This program gives the output as ‘ hello world’

Engineering Concepts

Angular JS sticks to HTML to execute data-binding and other features, unlike other frameworks. Let us get into some details of some of the components of the architecture.

1. MVC and MVVM

In Angular JS, we use a Model for data, View for rendering the HTML, and Controller is used to connect both the View and Controller. MVC and MVVM are slightly different, the latter being specifically used to develop the user interface. In MVVM, the presentation layer is part of the View, ViewModel has the presentation logic, and business logic is present in the Model along with the data. MVVM architecture is chosen to simplify data binding. 

2. Two-way data-binding

Two-way data binding is responsible for synchronizing Model and View Layers. Changes in the Model are propagated to the View and vice-versa. 

3. Dependency injection

It is the design pattern that defines the connection between components and their dependencies. 

Angular JS Expressions

In Angular JS we enclose the expressions with braces, very similar to JavaScript. These expressions generally bind the HTML and application data. While Angular JS can be operators and variables, similar to JavaScript, there are some differences between the two. Expressions like loops and conditions are not possible in Angular JS. The functions cannot be declared and the return keyword also cannot be the expression. 

Angular JS Directives

These directives are used to extend the capabilities of HTML. They can be customized according to the requirements. Angular JS has many built-in directives including ng-init, ng-controller, ng-show, ng-if, ng-click, ng- disabled, and ng-bind.

Angular JS Scope

It is an in-built object containing the method and data of the application. It acts as the bridge between the controller and the View, facilitating data transfer between them. In Angular JS, various objects can be attached to every controller. This makes the data and objects of one controller different than the others, restricting access to other applications. 

Angular JS Events

Every application has several HTML event directories which are used in application development. One or more than one directive is brought together to add HTML listeners to the HTML. The directives are responsible for executing and running different functionalities at every user event. 

Angular JS Services

These are the re-usable JavaScript functions used for executing different tasks. Different services are developed to execute different types of services. In general, most of the services interact with model, controller, and custom directives, and only a few services interact with View. Some of the built-in Angular JS services are $compile, $animate, $locale, $timeout, and $http. 

Angular JS Filters

The filters are used to format the available data to display them on the UI without interfering with the original format. A pipe ‘I’ sign is used with an expression or directive to use the filters. Names of some of the important filters are currency, Json, Number, and Date. 

Angular JS Controllers

Controllers control the data flow in an application. To define the controller, we use the n-g controller directive. The functions and properties are part of the controller and $scope is the parameter for every controller. 

Angular JS Routing

Routing is used to support the development of Single Page Applications and works on the URL. The routing engine catches the URL requested by the user and renders the view. 

Testing and workflow

The developers can write unit-testable codes using the code’s dependencies. Many powerful testing tools such as the protractor and Karma test runner can be used for efficient integration testing. The developers can also create a multi-browser testing infrastructure for efficient testing. The JavaScript build and workflow tools such as Grunt can also be integrated with Angular JS. The testing and workflow tools make Angular JS a complete solution for creating browser-based clients. 


Angular JS is a great framework to create Rich Internet Applications. This comprehensive guide gives an introduction to the different concepts and components of Angular JS. Beginners and organizations planning to hire Angular JS developers can get a fair idea of the framework. An Angular JS development company to use this super heroic JavaScript MVW framework to develop robust apps that give long-term returns. 

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