What is Native App?

A native application is a software program designed to be used on a specific platform or device. A native app has the ability to use hardware and software specific to the device. The two major mobile OS platforms are iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Native iOS app is written in Objective-C or Swift and is written in Java as the native android app.

Advantages of Native App :

1. Both Swift and Kotlin are considered to be robust in terms of both stability and disclosure of hidden code errors.

2. Fast and responsive software performance

3. It is possible to integrate all APIs of the device and its built - in functionalities with the native development environment.

4. Community - wise Native Android and iOS are much larger and more supported than their counterpart to React Native. A lot of third - party libraries to select from come with the support.

Disadvantages of Native App :

1. Multiple code bases since each device has its own version of the app.

2. Cost for additional developers to build and manage a code base for each platform.

3. Time spent on multiple builds for separate platforms in each feature update.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing real mobile apps for iOS and Android that are natively rendered. You can use JavaScript-controlled native components. It offers faster mobile application development and more effective code sharing across iOS, Android, and the Web without sacrificing the experience or quality of the end user's application.

Advantages of React Native :

1. Single codebase app that runs on both Android and iOS platforms

2. Due to single code base, saves a lot of development efforts in terms of app development time.

3.  Development of React Native apps is based on JavaScript framework, becoming a mobile app developer is much easier for web developers.

4. The library is considered to be much more compatible with other platforms such as TvOS and Windows because it is open source.

5. React Native comes with the feature of Hot Reloading that allows React Native Developers can view the changes they are making to the app in real time on their screens.

Disadvantages of React Native :

1. It doesn’t allow developers to use the native elements of the device like Camera or Voice Recorder etc.

2. Community wise React Native Development lags a lot behind Native Development, and as a result, third - party libraries are seriously lacking. The incorporation would have to be done in native modules to make use of the native libraries, which increases development efforts.

3. React Native does support some of the most popular Native APIs, it doesn’t have the freedom to use all the APIs

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