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    Mobile phones and applications have seen crazy growth in the last few years. According to Statista, Nearly 85% of the global population now possesses a smartphone and is regularly engaging with diverse applications.

    Statista of flutter app

    There are thousands of mobile applications used and developed every day. Because of such developer-friendly characteristics, 46% of mobile application developers picked Flutter for app development by 2022.

    Statista of flutter

    Talking about mobile app development, Flutter is the primary language of app developers. It holds the first position when it comes to the selection of a framework for cross-platform app development. It allows the developer to create an unmatched user experience.

    Today in our blog, we will discuss the growth of Flutter as an app development platform, the cost of developing a Flutter app, and offer insights into optimizing cost-effectively.

    First, Let’s talk about Flutter and its evolution from a newbie to the first choice of developers.


    Understanding Flutter and its demand

    Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK used to create cross-platform applications that exactly resemble the native apps. Its user-friendly nature, productiveness, and cost-efficiency have rendered it a preferred choice for business owners and developers. 

    It has reinvented the way of app development and is capitalizing on business opportunities by reaching the maximum target audience. All these attributes have surged its popularity resulting in a rapid increase in the number of flutter apps developed every year.

    With the increasing demand for flutter apps, the cost of development has also evolved. Here we have curated the list of regions serving with Flutter app development services and their hourly rates for the year 2024. 

    Flutter app Developers Locations and Hourly Rates

    So, if you are thinking of outsourcing your Flutter application development, you can consider Indian Flutter Developers as your first choice, as you will get a pool of talent to choose from at reasonable rates.

    Other than regions, many other factors influence the cost of developing a flutter application. Let’s discuss this in detail.


    Significant Factors affecting Flutter app development cost in 2024

    Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost

    1. Application complexity

    The inclusion of features in an application decides its complexity. Either it can be a simple application with very limited features, minimal external integrations, and simple coding architecture. Or it can be a high-end fully equipped application with so much code complexity, third-party integrations, use of ML-AI, and much more.  

    The pricing of a Flutter Application hinges on the elements involved in development.  It is categorized into three parts, dictating the overall cost of development.

    App Complexity

    Cost of Development ($)


    5k to 15k


    10k to 50k


    40k to 120k

    2. App Design

    The application design serves as the forefront of any application and plays a pivotal role in its overall presentation. It includes so many things inside like app navigation, typography, brand identification, color schemes, and overall user experience. 

    Incorporating all these elements into one creative UI/UX design involves multiple tasks such as market research, mood board development, mockups, wireframes, and much more. Hence, when the cost of the Flutter app development is determined, 10-20% of the amount is solely dedicated to the UI/UX of the application. 

    3. Third-party integrations

    The tools and APIs that offer external services in the application like social media log-in, payment gateways, biometric verification, two-factor authentication, etc are considered as third-party integrations.  

    These integrations are charged on the basis of subscriptions. Hence, the greater the number of integrations within the application, the higher the associated development cost. 

    4. App platform

    Yes definitely, Flutter is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to build mobile applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase. But, it is important to know that it only suits some of the platforms. You may face challenges if you want to run your Flutter application on a smart TV or smart wearables.

    Fixing such challenges will require extra developmental efforts and would ultimately result in increased costs of Flutter Application development. Hence, one must consider application platforms as a crucial factor when assessing the cost of development.

    5. Tools and licensing 

    There are multiple external tools involved in creating a fully functional enterprise application. It can be for the security of the user’s data or legal purposes. Licensing and payments are required for the use of these tools. 

    So if you are considering the usage of these extra tools in your application, you must include its charges in the cost of application development.

    6. App release in stores

    Once, the application is developed, there are charges to upload or release it on app stores. Google Play charges a one-time fee of 25$ and the Apple store charges 99$ annually. Also, there are additional commission charges for in-app purchases or subscriptions in the application. 

    Hence, one must consider these charges while evaluating the cost of Flutter app development.

    website development cost blog

    7. Server Space

    An application requires sufficient server space to store and handle data effortlessly. It is also important to know that the server used should provide adequate safety to the user’s data and would help in the smooth functioning of the application.

    A basic server with minimal storage may cost around 1500$ but the prices may vary depending on the server capacity, security requirements, etc.

    8. Development team

    Apart from location, the type of team you select also makes a difference in the cost of developing a Flutter application. There are freelancers, in-house teams, and outsourced businesses to choose from.

    Freelancers are the cheapest choice, but one must keep a check on them as there are chances of delays in development or quality hurdles in their work. 

    With an in-house team, you will get dedicated flutter developers, working dedicatedly on your project as per your instructions. 

    If you outsource the project to an outsourced business, a team of professionals will manage and work on your project sitting at their place. This will both save you money and maintain the quality of work.


    Costing for different types of flutter apps

    One more essential factor that decides the cost of a flutter application is the category of application it falls in. Some high-edge application categories like gaming, watchOS, augmented reality, etc may require special developers with complex app development skills and can cost accordingly. 

    A straightforward Flutter application with minimal requirements might incur lower costs in comparison. The information regarding different categories of applications is available on respective platform app stores, namely Google Play and Apple Store. 

    Here we have estimated the cost of different types of flutter applications for reference. The actual prices may vary based on the functionality and complexity of the application.

    Application Category

    Price ($)

    E-commerce Application

    $15000 - $200000

    Business Application


    Social Media Application


    On-Demand Application


    Entertainment Application


    Gaming Application



    How to Reduce the Cost of Flutter App Development in 2024?

    Flutter Application Development costs can rapidly go up if not managed strategically. Here are some tips for developing a feature-rich flutter app without exceeding the budget.

    How to reduce the cost of Flutter App Development in 2024

    1. Outsource Your Requirements

    Unlock the advantage of collaborating with a professional team at minimal costs by outsourcing your project. Outsourcing liberates you from project responsibilities and ensures timely completion in an estimated budget. 

    You can select outsourced agencies from all around the world. Outsource partners from India offer a pool of talent and are popularly known for affordable development rates with high-quality work.

    2. Start with an MVP

    Starting your flutter app development journey with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) can prove beneficial in terms of cost. An MVP contains only essential features of the application. By launching an MVP you can understand the demand of your application, know the need for features in it, and validate your concept. 

    Once the MVP is approved you can integrate additional features to the application based on user demand.

    3. Feature Prioritization

    Feature prioritization will help you focus on app elements that serve core functionalities. By prioritizing essential features you will be able to streamline the development process and declutter optional features. All these will facilitate quicker completion of the project at an estimated budget.

    4. Agile Development

    Encouraging agile development methodologies will reduce the risks of faults and rework in the applications. In agile development, a flexible work process is followed where you can make adjustments and improvements throughout the development. This minimizes the chances of bugs saving both time and money.

    5. Flutter App Maintenance and Support

    App maintenance is an important aspect of estimating the budget for Flutter app development. It will be a great idea to discuss the ongoing maintenance and support strategies with your development team in advance. This will allow you to allocate a dedicated portion for it managing the overall cost of the project.

    Why is Flutter the prime choice of Entrepreneurs for App Development?

    Why is Flutter the Prime Choice of Entrepreneurs for App Development

    • Budget-Friendly Application Development

    Flutter is more affordable as compared to other app development frameworks as it uses a single codebase to create applications on multiple platforms.

    • Lesser Testing Time

    As Flutter uses a single codebase for applications on different platforms, the QA is also consolidated into one phase. An application built for one platform will operate seamlessly on other platforms as well.

    • Improved Resource Management

    Managing a single mobile app development team, rather than two native development teams, simplifies the project manager’s role in directing the team. 

    • Enhances UI Experience

    Virtual UI design in Flutter ensures the creation of superior user interfaces, setting a high standard for application development on the platform.

    • Reusable Code

    The use of a single code base for multiple applications on different platforms makes Flutter more flexible and cost-efficient in terms of development and maintenance.

    • Flutter for Web and Desktop

    Flutter’s expansion into web and desktop platforms has broadened its versatility. Now, developers can create applications across web browsers and desktop environments.

    • Community Support

    Being an open-source development framework, Flutter is widely used among developers and holds an active community of around 20.8k users on GitHub who are always ready to guide you. 

    • Free and Open-Source

    Flutter is a completely free and open-source framework developed by Google. It empowers users to integrate a wide array of third-party libraries to enhance the features of an application. 


    How Can ManekTech Help You with Flutter App Development?

    Looking at the benefits of using Flutter as an app development platform, if you are looking to hire Flutter app developers to work on your project then Manektech is available at your service. Outsource your project to Manektech and hire Flutter App Developers from India to build a competent Flutter application in the market.

    We boast a seasoned in-house team of flutter developers dedicated to your project, each with a minimum of 4 years of professional experience. We have 3 different models to choose from for hiring flutter developers. 



    Here we come to an end, with our estimation of flutter app development cost in 2024. As read, it can be influenced by a lot of factors and can be managed with strategic tricks. All you have to do is create a proper outline of your requirements and evaluate your Flutter app development process to guarantee an accurate application in time and budget. 

    You can even consult us for all the evaluations and get the best out of your investment. We are just a discussion away. Call Now!

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