How can DevOps Transform your Software Development Process?

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    What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a software development approach that supports the agile software development method. Therefore, we can say that DevOps has overcome the flaws of agile development methodology, removing the nuances between the operations and development teams. Though Agile software development methodology has been helping many organizations with its iterative and transparent approach, the development and operations teams still used to work in silos. Such gaps are used to delay the deliveries creating bottlenecks in the development process. DevOps improves this situation by collaborating with development and operations teams and accelerates the deployment process.


    Why invest in DevOps?

    DevOps focuses on organizational culture, highlighting roles that accentuate responsiveness. It amalgamates philosophies and tools that increase an organization's ability to deliver high-velocity application development solutions. It also helps organizations to update products at a faster pace than the conventional software development process. Various software development services providers have started implementing DevOps in their organizations, and it is high time to embrace this revolutionary strategy for enhanced business speed. 

    We all know that successful software development is possible with the perfect combination of developers' and operations teams' efforts. Teams for IT operations and development may have various skill sets and objectives. While operations teams want to maintain an application's reliability after deployment, developers want to add new features.


    Benefits of DevOps in the Software Development Lifecycle.

    Check out some of the benefits of DevOps in the Software Development Lifecycle:

    • Enhanced Agility: Scalability and agility are made possible for enterprises through DevOps, leading to more significant business results.
    • Reduced Manual Efforts: As DevOps comes with automation, it ensures fewer human efforts and errors. As a result, it boosts scalable solutions with lower failure rates and faster recovery.
    • Better Collaboration: By breaking down silos in your organization, DevOps engineers can bring transparency, establishing more rapport between the development and operations teams. 
    • Quick Software Delivery: Last but not least, one of the fascinating benefits of DevOps is its ability to empower organizations to quicken the software development process by implementing correct methodologies.

    The speed of software development is the main factor for the clients to select a software development company. And thus, that gives a company an edge over its competitors. 


    How does DevOps accelerate the Software Development Process?

    Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, a core part of the DevOps lifecycle, help organizations speed up the development process and improve quality. These two approaches help the teams to integrate and deploy the code without delay, improving the frequency and quality of software delivery. CI/CD is a technique for regularly delivering apps to clients by adding automation to the various stages of app development. Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment are the three core CI/CD concepts. CI/CD answers the problems developers and operation teams find after integrating new code.

    In successful continuous integration, the codes are written continuously per the application's changing needs and regularly tested and merged to a shared repository. And continuous delivery means the developer's changes to the codes and the applications are automatically tested and then uploaded from where they go for deployment in a live production environment. Thus, this process of CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) and Continuous deployment ensures minimum manual efforts with maximum risk covered by automatic testing. 

    Continuous integration vs Continuous delivery vs Continuous deployment

    According to industry research, DevOps collaboration saves 22% of the time on rework and unscheduled tasks.

    DevOps enhance the organizations' performance by

    • Continuous improvement-in processes and skills
    • Breaking down organizational silos
    • Positive, comprehensive teams
    • Continuous learning for leaders and individual contributors 
    • Faster recovering IT investments 
    • Start generating pure cash by releasing new updates faster 
    • Performance efficiency

    It is essential to hire a software development company having a whole team of DevOps engineers who have a unique combination of skills and expertise that aids them in delivering innovative solutions and establishing a positive cultural change in the organization. DevOps engineers are adept in combining code with applications, maintaining the apps, and managing the applications. But nothing is possible without establishing a thriving DevOps culture in the organization. 

    A DevOps engineer may need to develop his technical skills further, combined with leadership and collaborative skills. Most DevOps engineers are software engineers having years of experience in managing Software lifecycles and handling various tools. Hire a DevOps engineer and enjoy the holistic growth of your organization by leveraging the revolutionary DevOps concept.

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