Key Warning Signs to Watch Out for When Selecting a Mobile App Development Company

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    Mobile apps have shown a true way to serve customers. Businesses with mobile apps have more chances of success than businesses with no apps. Users can connect instantly with the companies through their apps and get highly personalized services.

    In the digitized world, businesses must think out-of-the-box to survive and beat the cut-throat competition. Going for mobile app development is one such idea that can help get a competitive edge.

    Not all companies that develop mobile apps witness success. Only 0.5% of mobile apps become successful. Many factors influence the success of a mobile app. One key reason your mobile app might fail is that you chose an incompetent mobile app development company.

    You might find many online blogs discussing tips for choosing a mobile app development company. However, we are not discussing it. On the contrary, we will discuss key warning signs you can notice while hiring a mobile app development company.

    Choosing the right mobile app development company for your project is one of the most significant to executive your mobile app idea. Though they claim they are the best in the market, it is not true. Their claims don’t reflect in their practices.

    What are the key signs that warn you about an app development company? Keep reading this post.

    However, before discussing those signs, let’s cover the market overview, importance, and benefits of mobile apps. 


    Mobile App Development Market Overview

    Do you know that 88% of mobile time is spent on mobile apps?

    Furthermore, an average smartphone user uses 10 apps a day and 50 apps in a month.

    Also, 53.96% of web traffic comes from mobile phones; it is a good number to start developing a mobile app for your business.

    Also, 53.96% of web traffic comes from mobile phones; it is a good number to start developing a mobile app for your business.

    1.95 million and 2.87 million apps are available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    A study reported that 39% of users delete unused applications.

    By 2027, the mobile app market volume will cross $673.80 billion at an annual growth rate of 9.59%.

    By 2027, the mobile app market volume will cross $673.80 billion at an annual growth rate of 9.59%

    What do these statistics reveal? This is the best time to develop and launch an app to encash everything it offers. You only need a good mobile app development company with a proven track record. 


    Why Mobile apps are rising?

    First things first, mobile apps offer a seamless and satisfying user experience. Millennials prefer mobile apps over websites as the latter is more convenient, comfortable, and easy to use. Mobile apps are user-friendly with simple navigation. Users can find information easily without navigating too hard. Also, with a mobile app, businesses can make their processes and operations seamless and automated, serving customers better.

    Take an example of a banking app. Transferring funds to another account is simpler and quicker in a mobile app than in a website. Also, you will need a computer or mobile browser to access the bank’s website. A mobile app is handy and easy to operate with.

    Furthermore, people love to spend time on their mobile phones. An app can help businesses to get the attention of users with smart notifications. Compared to sending an email about a Christmas offer, mobile app notifications have better chances to get noticed by users.

    Push notifications help businesses to keep their users engaged. Sending notifications related to new schemes, offers, discounts, etc., helps retain your customers.

    Also, apps are fun to use. Look around, and you will see people lost in their mobile phones. They play games, chat with friends, check social media updates, or watch videos. It is a good way to stay connected to your customers. 


    Benefits of developing a mobile app for businesses

    Let’s check out some benefits of developing a business mobile app. 

    Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for Businesses

    1. A mobile app helps to make a strong brand

    Developing an Android or iOS mobile app can be a brand statement showing how serious you are about serving your customers. It shows your commitment to help them at the right time. Not just that, a mobile app also helps you learn more about your customers by fetching real-time data about their behavior, buying patterns, and other valuable information.

    2. A mobile app helps you connect better with your customers

    A mobile app allows you to connect and engage with your customers. You can inform them about your promotional offers, discounts, coupons, and other news through push notifications. With features like geotargeting, you can reach out to your customers hailing from a specific area. Data analytics lets you better understand their wants and offer personalized deals.

    3. A mobile app helps businesses to provide value to customers

    With features like AR-powered shopping experiences and AI-powered product recommendations, you can create value for your customers. With such unique shopping experiences, you can get a chance to win their loyalty.

    4. A mobile app helps personalize a marketing channel

    Do you know that nearly two-thirds of customers want brands to understand their requirements and expectations?

    Mobile app analytics help you understand what they look for when they visit your app. It will help generate more personalized offers to grab their attention span.

    5. A mobile app improves customer interactions

    This is true for ecommerce mobile apps. An ecommerce mobile app simplifies the whole shopping experience, as customers can interact better through mobile apps.

    Also, businesses can have more cross-channel marketing opportunities. Users can click on social media ads and land on the mobile app to purchase products. 


    Key warning signs while selecting a mobile app development company:

    Let’s address the elephant in the room now. We will discuss the top 10 warning signs that might put you in harm’s way while selecting a mobile app development company. 

    Key Warning Signs While Selecting a Mobile App Development Company

    1. Showing fake references

    Many companies present fake references to new clients. It is not an ethical practice to conduct. If a company has no past work or references to present, they can simply say so. For example, a new mobile app development company might not have such references, but lying about it is a big turn-off.

    Such companies may not serve the core purpose of developing a mobile app.

    Pro Tip:

    You can ask them to show authentic references to proceed further.

    Usually, it shows the intent of the company. If a company presents fake references, it simply means they are not serious enough for this business.

    2. Showing fake testimonials:

    Asking for testimonials before hiring an app development company is normal. Most companies publish their testimonials from clients on their websites. However, you can always ask for them if you don’t find them there. You can cross-verify these testimonials or references. This is a red flag if you find out that they are fake.

    Pro Tip:

    If you catch the company showing fake testimonials, discuss in detail why they did to understand their stand. If the company is new and has no testimonials, it would be better to check other factors before hiring a company.

    3. Accepts the project without asking too many questions

    An ideal mobile app development company asks too many questions about the project, requirements, target audience, competitors, and other development aspects. If the company does not ask too many questions and accepts the project, you must find a reason.

    Pro Tip:

    Ask the company if they have any questions in mind. If they deny, ask some technical questions to them and see how they respond. If they fail to answer questions, they might not have a team of expert mobile app developers. In that case, you don’t have any choice but to move forward.

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    4. Shows false experience or expertise

    You will come across many such companies claiming to have experienced developers. However, when you interview a developer during the hiring process, you come across a fresher with limited technical expertise.

    Pro Tip:

    Ask the company upfront about your requirements for developers with proper experience levels. If you want a developer with 5+ years of experience, ask them to send resumes and cross-verify their claims to avoid any mishaps and hurdles during the development process.

    5. Offers lower estimates instantly

    Some companies are so desperate for new projects that they send you very low-cost estimates for the project. Though you might like this situation, it is a red flag to be cautious. If your project requirement document clearly shows about advanced features that might cost more, hiring a company with a very low project cost estimation will turn into a big gamble.

    Pro Tip:

    If a company sends a very low project estimation, ask them to bifurcate the costs and resend the estimation. It will make things clear for you.

    6. It does not answer all your questions

    Being a client, you are entitled to ask as many questions as you want. However, the company's representatives sometimes fail to answer all your questions. Most of the time, marketing representatives directly communicate with the clients. Still, it is a red flag as you want all their answers.

    Pro Tip:

    If you are talking with a marketing representative and have technical questions, simply ask him/her to transfer the call to a project manager or developer. Also, if you are still unsatisfied with their answers, you better switch to another company.

    7. Too many positive reviews without a single negative review

    Getting positive reviews from clients is a good sign. It shows how competent and well a company is in what it does. However, not finding a single negative comment might make someone suspicious. Many companies perform such malpractices by writing fake reviews from their friends or colleagues. It is a red flag if you find too many positive reviews for a company.

    Pro Tip:

    Do check reviews first. If you find these reviews are not genuine, simply move to the next search. Sometimes, you might check a similar pattern in reviews. Try to identify such patterns, and you will know whether to trust the company or not.

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    8. Says no to signing an NDA

    When you hire a company for mobile app development, you will share some sensitive data and information with them. Companies sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the project starts to protect your data. A company's refusal to sign an NDA is a red flag. It might prove to be a disastrous decision if you hire the company.

    Pro Tip:

    Explain the importance of the agreement and why both parties must sign it. Discuss in detail the complexities of not signing an NDA before the project. If they agree to sign, you can go ahead. If they still refuse to sign an NDA, move to another company.

    9. Does not assign a project manager

    A project manager is the bridge between a developer and a client. He understands the requirements of the client and explains them to developers. In case of any issues or troubles, clients contact the project manager to address those issues. You will need a dedicated project manager especially assigned to you. It is a red flag if the company does not assign you a project manager.

    Pro Tip:

    Some companies, especially startups, are short of staff. They might assign a project manager to handle multiple projects at a time. If other aspects of the company are good, consider accepting a shared project manager. However, if you want a dedicated project manager for your project, ask them upfront and explain the situation. Most probably, the company will assign you one.



    Hiring a good mobile app development company might take some time, but it pays off eventually. You have to choose a company once, and it will determine the fate of your mobile app. You should leave no stone unturned to hire the best mobile app development company for your project. Keep in mind the warning signs we have discussed, and it will help churn out the best company for your upcoming mobile app development project.

    ManekTech is a leading mobile app development company that offers dedicated developers to businesses and enterprises. We can develop tailor-made, native as well and cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. We have a proven track record of helping businesses with future-ready tech solutions to accelerate growth and revenues.

    Our biggest strength is our utmost professionalism and transparency. We will keep you in the loop throughout the app development process and ensure high-tech solutions that meet your business goals and requirements.

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