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    React Native is a next-gen app development framework that allows enterprises to create cross-platform applications that run smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms. Android and iOS being the two major players in the mobile industry, both have provided robust systems for react native app developers, devices and end users over the past few years.

    With advancement in the technology, cross-platform tools were invented with an aim to create a single app that runs across different platforms and overcome the challenges of native development. Hybrid apps may have succeeded in reducing the cost and improving the speed, but they still cannot match the performance and user experience of the native apps.

    Therefore, to overcome the issues of both native and hybrid apps, React Native platform was created that not only delivers native-like user experience, but also reduce the development cost and time. It allows developers to write programs in JavaScript and deploy on different systems. When we consider the advantages of React Native app development, cost-effectiveness secures the first spot. So, let’s discuss some of the factors that contribute in reducing the cost of React Native application development.

    #1 Shorter Development Time

    There is no denying the fact that cross-platform app development helps in faster app development as it allows to use the same code across different operating systems. Developers don’t need to write separate code for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, with the constant rise in the competition, it becomes imperative to launch the application faster in the market to acquire more customers. React Native application development services allow developers to deliver high quality solutions in comparatively lesser time, which provides more time to the marketers to plan the launch of the app.

    #2 Need Smaller Development Team

    If you are developing native applications for both Android and iOS, you will require separate development teams to carry out respective projects. You will need to appoint more people to work on two or more similar tasks. Therefore, instead of hiring big teams for multiple platforms, React Native requires only one team to develop applications for both iOS and Android, which helps in cutting down the cost require to hire developers.

    #3 Easy App Maintenance

    Maintaining the native apps is quite troublesome and time-consuming as they need regular updates. On the other hand, React Native apps are well-equipped to avoid versioning, which considerably simplifies the maintenance of these apps. Maintaining and updating the cross-platform apps is a lot less demanding, and it offers extreme flexibility to business owners to scale the apps as their business expands. Thus, React Native facilitates easy app maintenance, so enterprises can boost their visibility without facing the downtime and exorbitant cost.

    #4 Improved User Interface and User Experience

    Since React Native is designed with a primary focus on mobile UI, it delivers much more enhanced user experience. It is more of a JavaScript library that enables creating of highly-responsive and smooth mobile app that runs much faster than other hybrid apps. They are empowered with an ability to load data faster based on the screen resolution and support all types of graphic and media content. An expert React Native app development company can build fluid-like user interface effortlessly, which helps in retaining more customers and hence, more sales.

    #5 Resuable Components

    Gone are the days of using WebView components in the hybrid apps. The building blocks of React Native are reusable native components that compile directly to native platform. Therefore, it has eliminated the need of using WebView system components. The native components of Android and iOS are as good as React, which results in native high performance along with relevant look, speed and functionality of the app. The adaptable architecture of React Native allows developers to create apps extremely fast and make the whole development process much more agile.

    #6 Fast Testing

    React Native facilitates rigorous testing cycle which is one of the critical reasons why React Native is highly preferred. Using Enzyme, which is a JavaScript testing utility, the testing of React components become much easier, and your tests will execute faster. The quicker your modules are tested, the sooner it can be launched. This can save a lot of time and money by shortening the testing phase and increasing fast time to market.


    As you can see, React Native is a hype technology and it has already secured its place among top development tools. This platform saves time and money by reducing the development efforts and managing the development team. Also, the apps build on React Native are much faster and consume lesser memory. If you are looking to build a full-fledged application for your business, then you can count on a reliable React Native application development company like ManekTech that has years of experience and adequate knowledge to handle all types of mobile applications.

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