Top 8 Reasons to Choose Laravel for Enterprise Application Development

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    When it comes to web application development, choosing the right framework is the crucial decision to make. Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks that is often preferred by many developers because of its robustness and tons of features. Although there are many PHP frameworks out there which encourage developers to build high-performance applications and reduce the development time and cost, but Laravel further empowers developers with its excellent modular packaging, dedicated dependency manager, unit testing, routing services and relational databases.

    Any enterprise application, whether big or small, has their own business requirements and goals, and the development process gets really difficult if you don’t choose the framework that supports customization. Laravel development services for businesses offers a whole host of features and components that make easy for developers to create full-fledged applications with the ease of coding process. Hence, the end product is the custom solution for the enterprise.

    Here are 8 good reasons why you should choose Laravel for your business application.

    1. Absolutely Secured

    Laravel provides robust security features that can safeguard your application against any type of cyber attack. Given the number of threats that exist on the internet, Laravel itself is designed with built-in security attributes that prevent any virus or malware from harming your code. So, if you choose Laravel web application development, rest assured that your application is protected with the state-of-the-art authentication system that saves your application from any SQL injections and threats.

    2. Cost Effective

    Laravel allows to develop high-performance, user friendly and secure web applications without exorbitant cost. Businesses can easily expand the scope their business and reach more prospects by using the inherited MVC principles and promptly completing the project. Furthermore, all the templating, designing and configuration features are all accessible through the Laravel migration service provider.

    3. High Performance

    High Performance is another reason to choose Laravel for enterprise level application. Alongside several features and functionalities, Laravel has certain tools, such as Redis and Memcached, which can help enhance the performance of the web apps. Hire Laravel developers who can competently integrate these tools in the Laravel while creating web applications so you can achieve the highest performance in your apps compared to other frameworks.

    4. Seamless Data Migration System

    Data migration is one of the critical tasks, especially when you are developing large scale business application where the data is enormously huge. But, with Laravel, data migration becomes very easy and simple. It allows developers to seamlessly make migration changes with respect to another system. Developers working on different systems can share the databases with the use of Laravel to ensure that a single database is maintained, which saves a lot of time.

    5. Simple and Easy to Use Interface

    Being a flexible framework, Laravel gives you access to many custom user interface elements. This will result in scalable, feature-rich and browser independent applications that will boost user engagement. However, you need to be very careful while choosing the Laravel development company because only experts can help you leverage the full capabilities of Laravel.

    6. Huge Developer Community

    Laravel has a dedicated community containing a huge number of professional developers from around the globe. The community is updated on a regular basis with the latest modules and plugins, so if in case you are stuck with some development related issues, you can readily get help from expert developers from the Laravel community. Thus, with so many developers to help, you can build and deliver high quality applications to your customers.

    7. Faster Time to Market

    Another great reason to choose Laravel is its speed. Laravel doesn’t include any complicated code, but it comes with many inbuilt features that ease the development process and aid the developers in faster app development. When you launch a sustainable and scalable app in a shorter time, you get a competitive advantage. So, whether you want to bring your app quickly in the market or just rolling out new updates, you will surely appreciate the speed of Laravel.

    8. Easy Unit Testing

    The application development process is never complete without the testing phase. Testing allows developers to determine the performance of the application after it is developed. Along with all the development tools, Laravel also provides the unit testing facility, which is rarely available in other frameworks. Laravel can run multiple unit tests simultaneously, so you don’t have to test each module separately, thus, saving your precious time.


    Considering the above-mentioned features and benefits, Laravel is indeed a right choice given the support, speed and robustness it offers. The next important step is to find a reliable and proficient Laravel web application development company – like ManekTech – that not only helps you in building functional business application that drives more traffic and sales, but also strengthens your relationships with the customers.


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