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    Innovative technology trends are driving the eCommerce industry, and in 2021, the need to evolve rapidly with new sales and marketing solutions is a must. Although every other business model, including in-store purchases, is shrinking, eCommerce Websites see a significant boom in traffic. In addition, customers are turning in huge numbers towards online stores.

    With new technologies and tools, new opportunities emerge for eCommerce brands to grow business and create a better bond with consumers.

    eCommerce Technology Trends to Look Out For

    This post will highlight top technology trends shaping every customer’s online shopping experience in 2021 and beyond. Let's check out these top five eCommerce technology trends and their role in promoting business growth.

    • Omnichannel

    Omni-channel retail or omnichannel commerce means a multichannel approach for eCommerce sales, focusing on improving customers' shopping experience through seamless integration of all platforms. Be it a store, mobile device, social media, or laptop, customers can begin their shopping journey on one device and continue on another. This simply implies that it's time to align our online and offline sales strategies.

    Harvard Business Review claims that most shoppers (73% to be precise) use multiple channels through their shopping journey. Thus giving a unified customer experience with a converging brand presence and identity is the need of the hour. This also helps businesses improve sales and traffic and build brand loyalty and efficient data collection method. 

    • Efficient & Secured Wallets and Checkout Process

    The ACI worldwide report estimated that digital payments in India will exceed 71.7 % of the overall electronic transactions by 2025. It's already time for businesses to offer their customers eWallet (mobile wallet) functionality. Electronic wallets simplify the payments process and add security by not lending critical credit card information to individual apps. Payment services like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Wallet make electronic transactions easy.

    Further enhancing the security is the fact that many eWallets require dual authentication before making payments. In addition, having an efficient checkout process must be followed. Cart abandonment is one of the big problems, and an in-efficient checkout is a culprit. Providing a one-page, one-click checkout along with the availability of multiple payments options is a solution.

    • Voice and Image Search

    With multiplying virtual assistants around us, including the Google Voice search, Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc., along with expanding ownership of the devices, including smartphones, or Amazon echo, it has become easier to speak your query. During his Google I/O keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that 20% of mobile device queries are voice commands. This highlights the importance of using voice search technology in your eCommerce development.

    The emerging AI technology will enable us to serve customers better with the most appropriate answers. Furthermore, image-based distribution services improve engagement. With time, image search and voice search will significantly drive eCommerce retail.

    • Product Personalization

    Right now, the most significant trend in eCommerce is personalization. Today, an eCommerce development agency works the most to customize the product as per the relevant customer's shopping preferences. First, to make a pleasant shopping experience, it is required to optimize the online shopping process as per the needs of today's buyers. Secondly, personalization in marketing, as well as customer support, improves engagement.

    Understanding user behavior and needs is now made easy with evolving eCommerce technology, a.k.a big data. This enables them to capture and store such a vast information set efficiently. Furthermore, big tech has started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning analytics to analyze and derive valuable patterns. As a result, product personalization has become a norm for different businesses, including entertainment, clothes, goods, etc.

    • Magento 

    The quick adoption of Magento by the eCommerce development agencies in India has made it the most popular choice. Any Magento development company relies on this powerful eCommerce platform because of its reliability and flexible and scalable system. Best suited for enterprise-level online businesses with a large variety and volume of products and investment in technology partners for design and development.

    Magento's key rivals include Shopify and WooCommerce and may meet your needs better as they offer a different set of benefits. Shopify is the best software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, especially for small enterprises. However, investing in finding the right Shopify development company in India is crucial to implement.

    Best eCommerce Web Development Company India

    Bottom Line:

    With changing times and user needs, the technology will keep evolving and pushing the best eCommerce web development companies to deliver better experiences. 

    Many big enterprises are spearheading the eCommerce race with this cutting-edge technology, so take the opportunity to identify technologies as per your business needs. Get professional assistance in this regard from the best eCommerce web development company in India if you are interested in integrating any of these technologies for your eCommerce enterprise.

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