The mobile phones have quickly become the most effective mediums for marketing businesses across various horizons with reasonable investments. Many industry giants like Amazon and Walmart relies on the mobile application for increasing sales, improving customer experience and branding solutions. The mobile application development has been growing at a rapid pace and every year new trends come and go. An effective mobile strategy not only includes just a mobile-friendly website, but it should be driven by cutting-edge technologies that give a vision of the future to businesses. This year we are going to witness some breakthrough technologies in the mobile app development that will determine the future of the mobile industry.

#1 Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

Progressive web apps are the apps that provide the same native app-like experience, but without installing them. PWAs run directly from the web browsers, saving you a considerable amount of storage on your device. They are designed to run even on low-spec phones that have a low-bandwidth network, regardless of the operating system. They offer new possibilities for users who would like to experience traditional Android apps on their low-end devices. Many large-scale companies have already started leveraging the benefits of progressive web apps because of their capabilities of reaching a wider audience and delivering a smooth experience to its users.

#2 Android Instant Apps:

Android Instant Apps have paved a new way for companies to market their business to their customers. Your users can try demo version of your app without having to download and install the original app. This is great for users who wish to experience the app, but running short on storage. The additional advantage of instant apps over PWAs is it allows you to play games. Users can analyze the app and can make an informed choice for downloading apps. It allows businesses to draw more consumers and make a lasting first impression. However, instant apps haven’t really got off the ground as they were expected.

#3 Mobile Banking:

Banking services are not going to be left behind when it comes to enterprise mobile application development. Smooth payment services are what users demand these days from all the apps. There has been steady, but a significant change in the way people use to shop online. We have gradually shifted from cash to debit, credit card to digital money. Digital wallets have quickly become convenient and preferred shopping mode for many customers as well as businesses. So, in order to deliver great shopping experience to your users, incorporating mobile wallets like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal as well as payment gateways is vital in 2019. ManekTech can help you seamlessly integrate different payment gateways in your app with secure encryption to make mobile transactions a breeze.

#4 Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality has seen exponential growth in the last year. Since the success of Pokemon Go, many AR-powered apps have come out. The beauty of such apps is that they make the user interaction much more engaging. Other than gaming industry, AR is also seen to be deployed by social media giants, including Instagram and Snapchat, which clearly means that AR is the future of successful social media campaigns. Some leading consumer apps are creating high standards for UI design, and all companies must start implementing these skills by working with a competent mobile app development company to meet growing user demands.

#5 Internet of Things:

Internet of Things is a technology that connects any physical object to a mobile app through the internet, and exchanges information. It includes several hundred smart devices, such as sports equipment, wearables, toys, light bulbs and appliances that can gather, send and analyze information from surroundings using processors, sensors, and communication devices. IoT has already secured its position to the list of the latest mobile app development trends as many educational institutions, healthcare centers, real-estate sector, parking lots, and retail sector have started utilizing its power. The demand for such smart devices will result in better quality react native application development to control these devices. Ultimately, the goal to achieve seamless control and connectivity would be one step closer with the Internet of Things.

Wrapping Up

It is very apparent that this year we will see some major technological shifts in mobile application development. Alongside above-mentioned technology, we will also see beacons technology, blockchain, on-demand apps, chatbots and artificial intelligence influencing business operations. It is needless to say that mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and the companies that have noticed this change can only survive in the market. For a business to make a strong impact in the market, it becomes necessary to align the app with these technology trends. The team of proficient mobile app developers at ManekTech have efficiently understood these changes and already acquired enough expertise to flawlessly work with these technologies.

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