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    Teams will need to deliberately invest in the right technology and personnel as IT expenditures increase. In the burgeoning tech environment, they must establish a competitive advantage.

    Offshore software development is one method to stretch budgets even further and bridge skill gaps in order to address the above-mentioned large picture issues. With the reforms brought about by COVID-19, offshore development is now, more than ever, a huge opportunity for enterprises wishing to expand.

    It’s easy to use cliches like “pre-covid-19” and “post covid-19”, but this is most likely an accurate summary that matches reality. The business community correctly predicted that the pandemic world “accelerate” digital transformation initiatives, and digital acceleration has been at the of many companies. Strategic as IT decision-makers (ITDMs) seek to help their companies capture new market space or prevent others from taking them. 

    But why is currently the best moment to engage with an offshore development company?


    Consumer Demand Rises

    Consumers want more from their products, putting pressure on software development teams. Polished products and tailored experiences have become standard-free. Product teams, on the other hand, are responsible for bringing items to market as rapidly as feasible. As release deadlines approach, it might feel like a delicate balance between speed and quality. Features are slashed, odd systems are left in place, and new features are pushed to further versions.  


    Meanwhile, customer demands are always changing.

    The capacity to swiftly adjust to changing market conditions, fulfill demand and fill consumer gaps might be the difference between winning and losing market share.

    Asking overworked software development teams to work longer hours, on the other hand, is a surefire way to cause burnout and attrition. Furthermore, a rise in software developer hours does not imply an increase in specialized abilities.

    The ideal method to build an agile software development team is to organize it around the appropriate skill sets at the appropriate times. This entails ongoing development cycles that do not stop overnight. This entails bringing in experts and senior engineers to optimize the overall QA testing process. There aren't enough entry-level developers. Product quality and time-to-market are improved through precision and focused talent.  Offshore software development services can fill up the gaps and relieve onshore teams of burden. All of this while keeping up with customer demand.

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    Top Talent Is Found In An Oasis

    Skills shortages aren’t a new problem in Western Europe, but there are indicators that they’ve gotten worse in the last year. Companies are vying for the greatest IT talent, and there isn’t enough of it to go around. According to a BBC study, developer demand in the United Kingdom increased by 15.5 percent between June and July 2020. At the same time, the country’s skills need is becoming worse. This is repeated throughout the continent, and it’s a crucial issue for the ITDMs who are trying to tap into talent pools further afield. 

    If Western Europe is expecting a drought, offshore software development services might be thought of as an oasis for team builders. Perhaps you’re thinking, we have already started outsourcing. Isn’t that what you’re saying? That’s a good question because there are some significant distinctions. 


    Rehab: Getting Your Toes Wet in Global Talent Pools

    One of the most vital tasks for ITDMs on the road to recovery is to present a compelling business case demonstrating how this method of forming software development teams allows their organizations access to previously untapped pools of highly skilled engineers without the high cost of being located in different cities like Paris Or India. These engineers should also be totally devoted to the company as a whole, operating as a genuine extension of the HQ team. 


    Let's Do A Brief Thinking Experiment Together

    Consider this scenario: You and your rivals both have headquarters in western European cities, but you also have a highly capable and fast expandable workforce based offshore. It's a strategic asset because you have access to talent that they don't have access to at home. You have the ability to develop, but they do not. You can put together a team in a few months that would take your competitors 12-18 months to put together using locally sourced engineers.


    The Value-Based Hiring Or Project-Based Hiring

    It’s one thing to grasp the distinctions between project-based offshoring development services and value-based. It’s another to comprehend the stages to effective implementation. A corporation must have a clear vision in order to assist the easy onboarding of new engineers. After all, how can your new staff be culturally aligned if there’s nothing solid for them to latch onto? 

    In order to create your offshore development center abroad, you’ll need to grasp local legislation, which an offshoring partner may help you with. If you take that path, you’ll need to exercise caution while selecting a partner. The most significant characteristics are a history of developing effective teams as well as their approach to people. 

    Is there a requirement-based strategy in place to assist you in locating the exact talents-and-culture fit-to best supplement your current home setup?  


    Wrapping Up

    Because these elements have come together, now is the best moment to invest in an offshore software development solution. Because of the broad acceptance of remote work, rising consumer expectations, and a digital skills scarcity, businesses now have a huge opportunity–if they want to take advantage of it.

    Are you ready to reap the benefits of working with an offshore software development partner? Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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