Top 5 Ruby on Rails Gems You Should Use for Rapid Web App Development

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    Rails, an open-source framework used for web development in Ruby, an object-oriented language, is a faster way to get your application developed utilizing an MVC pattern. Has it happened that you have approached a web development company for web application development, and they have insisted on using RoR for the same? You may be wondering what makes it different from other frameworks. The answer lies in the speed and ease of use it offers to the developers. Ruby on rails is valued for its rapid application development solutions, which is possible because of its capacity to provide ready-made solutions. This is possible mainly because of the Ruby on Rails gems or libraries leveraging which the developers can deliver you customized application development solutions. 

    Being a Model-view-controller (MVC) framework, Rails offers pre-configured settings for a database, web service, and web service. The use of web standards, such as XML or JSON for data transfer and CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for user interface, is reassured and made more straightforward. Some famous companies that have been a testament to RoR’s capability are Shopify, Github, Hulu, Netflix, Groupon, Airbnb, and many more. The two main concepts of this technology, which are making it exponentially popular, are;- DRY and CoC

    DRY is the principle of software development which has the concept of Don’t Repeat Yourself. It involves reusing the code as much as possible rather than wasting time repeating the same coding. This reduces the scope of error and helps you keep your code clean. 

    CoC- another pillar of RoR is convention over configuration. Its emphasis on using conventional patterns reduces the time behind decision and configuration. In all, Ruby on Rails makes it conspicuous that the RoR developers can be more productive in keeping their codes clean. 

    Top 5 Gems of RoR

    Ruby on rails aids the developers in developing web applications following full-stack development. Rails have gems for every feature, from authorization to authentication and testing. Let us check out a few of the best RoR Gems every RoR developer needs to incorporate;


    Though these libraries and gems are beneficial to the developers, it is equally exigent to bind them while creating the codes. That is the moment when errors are expected if an expert Ruby on rails developer is not working on it. This gem permits its developers to implement code debugging. Pry’s features, which make it an exclusive gem, are- runtime invocation, command shell integration, syntax highlighting, exotic object support, and a flexible and influential command scheme.


    This RoR gem strives to be seamlessly secure, a Heroku-based application arrangement. While working on RoR, the developers have to store configuration data that is going to be used in the project. This information is susceptible and thus needs to be safeguarded from malicious intended people. This makes it essential to have a local repository to save it. And there comes Figaro. It uses a YAML file for the configurations and helps you keep it. Installing it is the same as installing other Rails gems.


    This is an analytical platform that traces event activities in original applications like Ruby and JavaScript. Ahoy, which is more of a Ruby tool than a Ruby gem, is in charge of creating visit tickets that include the location, traffic source, and information about the client device.


    This adds an object-oriented presentation logic layer to the Rails application. It helps in decorating an object and a collection of it. With this gem's aid, the view's preparation can be made cleaner, and developers can quickly describe a decorator without having to write the auxiliary functions down.

    RSpec Rails-

    This gem is used by ror developers whenever there is a need to transcribe unit test cases. This helps developers to incorporate the RSpec framework into the Rails assignment. You can hire expert ROR developers to leverage this gem which is utilized in test-driven web application development. It is also used in behavior-driven development environments, which exhibit arranged syntax. 

    The above-mentioned is obviously a partial collection of Ruby gems that enable the Ruby on Rails developers to deliver rapid application development solutions with clear codes and better functionality. So if you want a paradigm shift in your organization, hire a Ruby on rails development company with proficient developers who can leverage the gems and deliver top-notch applications. 

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