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    Today’s e-commerce market demands for decent yet and fully featured online portals to be successful on the internet. Magento 2 emerged as one of the biggest, extensible and flexible platforms, bringing loads of e-commerce functionalities and incredible performance to your website. However, it still cannot keep up with the requirements raised by the modern online retailers. That’s why the community of Magento 2 developers is constantly working hard to create specialized Magento 2 extensions to empower your website with specific capabilities.

    Since the e-commerce competition is getting tougher, not being prepared with an exceptional website and effective marketing strategies can instantly make you lose the game. If you are planning to improve your Magento 2 store design and development, you should hire dedicated Magento 2 developers to integrate some extensions that will give a boost to your sales. In this article, we have curated 6 Magento 2 extensions that are a must-have for any online business.

    1 Inventory

    Managing inventory in Magento 2 can be challenging. Having the ability to seamlessly manage your inventory is important for a successful online storefront. Real time stock availability and vendor relationship management can result in better satisfaction, and ultimately more sales. However, if you are equipped with the right extension during your Magento 2 e-commerce development, you can easily maintain your stock as well as drive customer fulfillment. Magento 2 advanced inventory extension allows you to auto update the stock information in real time. This can save you considerable time rather than spending hours to update stock manually.


    • Easy management of product information
    • Auto-update stock
    • Manage purchase order
    • Integrate multiple warehouses from different locations
    • Generate sales reports

    2 Navigation

    Imagine how frustrating it is when you are not able to get around the website and locate the page you are looking for. Poor structural design and lack of proper navigational elements can create a bad experience for users. Even worse, it can completely ruin your marketing strategies. You surely wouldn’t want your visitors to end up on the page that they are not interested in. When dealing with thousands of products, Magento 2 lacks in solving navigational problems. Thanks to Magento 2 layered navigation extension and Magento 2 themes integration, you can add extra flexibility and appealing navigation in your store. So, hire expert Magento designers who can expand your existing navigation, resolve certain issues and include various features in your store.


    • Speed up your catalog
    • Better sorting
    • SEO-friendly URL structure
    • Ability to display certain filters

    3 Upsell/Cross-Sell

    Upsell and cross-sell is a marketing strategy that is often used to influence your customers to make additional purchases. Upselling is the practice of recommending your users to choose a comparatively better and more expensive product than the one they have chosen. The upsell products usually appear on the shopping cart page, so upselling is incorporated during shopping cart development. Cross-selling is the practice of showing related products or complimentary products, which can be purchased together with existing products. Upselling and cross-selling has proven to boost the sales enormously, and that is why they are the must-have extension for any e-commerce store.


    • Popup upsell products based on the current cart items
    • Assign related items for each product
    • Smart recommendation with AI

    4 Site Search

    For any e-commerce site, it is not possible to put all the products on the single page, and that is why there are structured product and category pages. Just like a website cannot survive without a good navigation, efficient site search also plays an equally significant role. Shoppers these days directly go to the site search without even going through couple of product pages. Magento 2 offers very limited on-site search capabilities. Fortunately, there are plenty of Magento 2 site search extensions and Magento 2 customization that empowers your search with incredible features.


    • Auto-complete search results
    • Semantic search predicts user intention
    • Smart search suggestions
    • Flexible search configuration options
    • Instant search results

    5 Reporting

    Getting an insight on the underlying business processes is vital for any organization. Magento 2 out of the box doesn’t offer any extensive reporting capabilities. Without proper reporting tool, it will be very difficult for you to understand the performance of your campaigns, and you will not be able to align your marketing and sales activities with real-world business. That’s why the Magento ecosystem offers various Magento 2 reporting extensions that will help you track, monitor and manage business processes by providing insightful reports. Data received from sales, purchases, customers and orders are sorted out without any hassle, which can be of great help in decision-making.


    • Compare different reports
    • View report data on charts
    • Support multiple report cards
    • Bookmark specific reports

    6 SEO

    Although default SEO functionality in Magento 2 is good, but it is far from perfect. To leverage the full potential of SEO in Magento, you should get Magento 2 SEO extensions, which are designed to support intelligent SEO strategies even for complex inventories with thousands of products. SEO extension for Magento 2 will help you improve your site ranking by more than 30% and site visitors by more than 150%. Moreover, some SEO extensions don’t require any changes in the code. It adapts with your store and drives drastic results.


    • Use Hreflang tags effortlessly
    • Structured breadcrumbs
    • Prevent duplicate content
    • Improved HTML/XMl sitemap
    • SEO report


    The extensions mentioned here are just some of many that can be applied in certain aspects of your site. However, getting these extensions are just a half the battle. Implementing and running these extensions are the other half. These extensions can benefit only when you choose to work with a professional Magento website development company – ManekTech. If installed correctly, these extensions can significantly drive your sales and improve your business value.

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