Top Android Application Development Trends for 2019

As per Statistic, “Top mobile apps by 2020 are expected to create more advertising application and App Store.” According to the latest statistic, here is the list of top trends of mobile app development for 2019.

Chat-bots turn good to great: Android App Development generates Chat-boats which can be merged as a small supporter of exclusive application. We can say in technical language a chat-bots only stand for question and answering system for Android Application Development Agency. Basically, Android App Developers made chat-bots with responses of the user's request through text retrieved. It can be said it's a good method to connect with multiple users

IOT WILL BE MORE THAN JUST A BUZZWORD: IOT is taking an important role by authorizing each and everyone teachers, parents & students to stay familiar and active on education institution through Android Application Development Agency. In this Digital age, the retail sector is expanding their business. Real estate is also utilizing its quality to make smart buildings with sensors, cities with a good environment and parking lots.

BLOCKCHAIN: Block-chains keeps a record of all digital information which is recorded and distributed, yet not edited. Technology has derived so fast that block-chains also can be used to store data about property exchange, Votes for campaigner and even stops in economic process of the supply chain.

Beacons technology: Beacon is not new technology, but I know it's not going to disappearance in 2019. Beacon is a very tiny device that repeatedly transfers a single channel signal that another device can look out, its similar to a lighthouse. And the use of beacon by all the user is a lot more so its damn sure that it will be a powerful tool in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence currently puzzles out the several user problems easily and equally, it can convey back with the users individually. By analyzing user calculus it also records well, particularly this analytic calculus makes easy to understand the user behavior, its a great tool for future, it will easily report and automatically solve any issues with the app.

Lets us come to the conclusion point Android app development is one type of ongoing technology forever like mobile apps are now the technology that is used as a signifier of payment. Recent technology AI ( Artificial intelligence) is seemly a useful feature of mobile app development. These all technologies of the latest trends will influence the android app in the year 2019, Thus we can say almost after one month, We are not far from 2019, Is it? So let us interact from now with all these new trending technologies.

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