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What do Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress have in common?
They all use “PHP.”
In fact, nearly 83.1% of all existing websites are built using PHP which powers more than 40 million websites. If you’re looking for a dynamic and interactive website, then PHP is the way to go.
Here are five reasons why you should use PHP to build your site:
1. Cost-efficient – PHP is open-source. This means you don’t have to purchase any special licenses to use PHP.
2. Interactive – Whether you’re building a static webpage with simple email forms or elaborate e-commerce sites with real-time shopping carts and thousands of products, PHP can handle it all with ease.
3. High Speed – Need a webpage that loads super quick? PHP web development is the answer. Since it has memory space of its own, the workload of the server is reduced thereby you can build websites with super-quick loading times.
4. Compatible with all OS – PHP works well with Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAC and all popular databases like MySQL and Apache. To phrase it in a nutshell, PHP is ideal for cross-platform development.
5. Flexible and Dynamic – As it’s an encrypted language, websites and applications built using PHP are highly secure and can be easily scaled.

Our PHP Development Services Cycle
1. Custom Application Development – Tailored solutions to give an edge to your business
2. Integration – Integrate data into your robust, scalable, and user-friendly web solution
3. Third-party applications – Integrate other applications to meet your specific needs
4. Maintenance & Optimization – Optimize solutions to boost Google rankings and performance

Why Choose us as your PHP Development Partner?
1.  A team of experts, both experienced PHP developers and young, enthusiastic designers collaborate on your project, to implement the best ideas.
2. We don’t just look at your requirements, but we build the right web solution in tune with your vision.
3. When you partner with us, you get more than technical expertise. Being a full-cycle software consulting agency, our web solutions are complemented by our creative graphic designs and digital marketing skills.

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