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    ‘How much does it cost if we outsource mobile app development?’ This is often the question asked by almost every entrepreneur. However, there is no fixed app development cost. Think of any other products or services you have bought earlier. Whether it is a smart phone or a car, each has different price points based on the features it contains. Likewise, the cost of custom mobile application development actually depends on your requirements and functionalities you want to be implemented. You cannot expect to have a feature-rich mobile app for a few dollars, but you may get an outstanding app if you are willing to go overboard.

    There are many elements involved that defines the cost of offshore mobile app development, but on average the cost ranges from $500 for a basic app to $2,00,000 for a high-end app. The cost is usually calculated by multiplying an hourly rate of the app developer with the number of hours spent on building the app. If there is rise in any of the two factors, your ultimate app development cost will increase.

    What determines the cost When you outsource app development?

    These two factors generally depend upon three things: type of mobile app developers you choose, the location of the app developer and complexity of your app.


    #1. Type of Mobile App Developer:

    The first factor that impacts the overall development cost is the type of developer you choose. Whether you are outsourcing to a company, hiring a freelance developer or developing all by yourself, the cost can largely vary.

    Outsourcing to An App Development Company: Outsourcing to an mobile app development company may be a little expensive choice than hiring freelance developers or hiring an in-house team because of many reasons. This is often the most preferred option by many businesses as the dedicated app development company like ManekTech has top mobile app developers, designers, managers and QA team to handle your project, thus reducing the mental stress. This option may cost you a few thousand bucks, but it is really worth it.

    Outsourcing to a Freelance Programmer: This option might be cheaper than hiring an offshore mobile development company, but you may not get the product quality as good as a company. That’s very obvious because a team working on your app is more likely to give you better results than an individual person. Moreover, you need to be very careful during the screening process as there are also many low-quality developers in the market.

    Do It Yourself: If hiring freelance developer or app development company is going out of your budget, the cheapest way is to get your hands in the dirt and learn coding. This option may take six months or more to come up with just an inferior version. Obviously, your app quality will be much poorer compared to enterprise mobile app development companies or professional developers who spend tons of time to master their skills.

    #2. Functionality of Your App:

    The functionalities you need in your app determines the number of app development hours. The more functionalities you demand, the more will be the development time and the higher will be the development costs. However, the cost of a custom mobile app development depends on the number of platforms, the number of screens, customize controls, security, languages, data, payment gateways, maps, media content, etc., you need in your app. With increase in these features, the overall cost increases.

    #3. Location of the Application Developer:

    The location of the nearshore app development company defines the hourly rate of the mobile application development. If you are hiring developers in countries like Australia, USA or UK, you may have to pay prices higher than in countries like India, Indonesia or Philippines. The average hourly rate goes to as high as $200 per hour in the USA to as low as $30 per hour in India. However, the quality of the app also varies based on the hourly rate. Please note that this is just an average cost. You can easily find more experienced and talented mobile app developers if you are willing to pay more. On the contrary, paying less for a poor quality app may lose conversions if it is not responsive and user-friendly.


    The majority of businesses choose to outsource business app development because of the services and convenience they offer. At ManekTech, we conduct an open interview with all our clients to identify their business demands and specifications, and provide them with a reasonable price quote suitable to their budget. We have the best mobile application developers on board, so you can rest in the knowledge that you will get the best bang for your bucks.

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