Node.js is an open-source & cross-platform runtime environment that enables the successful execution of JavaScript code outside the browser. To put it in simple words Node.js can be explained as a run time environment that comprises everything required for the execution of JavaScript programs. One thing that many people are not aware of is that Node.JS is neither a programming language nor a framework.

What is Node.js used for?

Node.js is often used to build back-end services for example APIs such as Mobile or Web App. Big brands like Paypal, Netflix, Uber and Walmart, etc use Node.JS often.

When it comes to building different back-end services there are plenty of other programming languages which can be used but what makes Node.js stand tall in the crowd can be illustrated through points stated below.

  • It offers scalable and faster services.
  • It utilizes JavaScript throughout which makes it easy for any JavaScript programmer to create back-end services with the help of Node.js
  • It is pretty simple to start with and Node.JS Developers use it mainly for creating sample model and agile development has clear and consistent source code
  • Has non-blocking and Asynchronous characteristics
  • Open-source library is supported with large system
Why Node.js is the choice of a lot of software development companies?

The benefits that accompany Node.js make it the choice of many software development companies. Take a look at the benefits embedded in Node.js.

Real environment for Real-time web based apps: If you are planning to build a web app then there is absolutely no harm in using PHP which consumes equal duration to build any web app as it would consume with Node.js.Now, if you are thinking of developing gaming or chat apps then Node.js would be a perfect choice as it offers faster synchronization. Apart from this, the event loop prevents overload of HTTP needed for NodeJS development.

Faster Space: NodeJs operates on V8 engine built by Google. All the asynchronous operation is taken care of by Event loop that exists in NodeJs. Hence, NodeJs is like fast space which initiates fast operations like faster reading/writing in the database, file system or network connection.

Caching is a plus: It promotes single module caching. Upon receiving any request for 1st module it is automatically cached inside the application memory which saves the time for any Node.JS Development Company that they would invest in re-execution of the code.

Simple Scalability: Node.JS Developers rely on Node.js for its simple scalability feature which can be done vertically as well as horizontally for any application. You can include added resources while working on the scalability of an application.

Comprehensive and easy coding: Several Node.js Development Services have been successful in developing different apps using Node.js as it is pretty simple to learn and the coding is simple too as it makes use of JavaScript. In case you are working as a front end developer with expertise in JavaScript and wish to be Node JS expert too then you can learn and start building applications based on NodeJS.

Hassle-free Hosting: NodeJS application installation can be used without any hassles as PaaS (Platform as a Service) & Heroku now offer hosting platform for NodeJS application installation.

Data streaming at a lightning speed: When it comes to NodeJs, the two factors - HTTP request & response are categorized as two different activities. They are actually like a data stream and processing a file during loading of file, it tends to reduce the overall loading time which in turn makes the entire loading process faster when the data is portrayed as transmissions. It directly helps streaming video or audio files at a noticeable lightning speed.

Big brands trust NodeJS: NodeJS is certainly popular among big brands like Paypal, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. Yes, these brands use NodeJS to build applications. As NodeJS is based on JavaScript a lot of companies are merging front and backend teams into one unit.

Applications supported by NodeJS:
  • NodeJS can be the preferred choice if you want to build the following
  • Single-Page applications that are complex in nature
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Real-Time Chats
  • Streaming apps
  • Application based on JSON APIs

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