Top Crucial Tips for Hiring AngularJS Developers

You’ve decided to use Angular to create your front-end application. The next stage is to identify the ideal development team to help you realize your end goal. But here is the crux when it gets heard. When hiring AngularJS developers,  the two most pivotal factors to consider are their experience and knowledge, which will ultimately decide the success of your project. 

Is the developer capable of combining Angular with other technologies in the facet of abrupt traffic spikes? Can the developer save resources by developing code that is as efficient as possible? This list is not complete, but at the end of the day, while designing an Angular application, developers should be proactive in successfully processing HTTP requests and resolving errors during unforeseen crashes. 

Needless to say, one or more of these elements will influence your application's overall performance. It's also vital to know if the developers you hire for your Angular programming have worked as part of a larger development team, if they use agile approaches, and if they operate well under pressure.

This blog seeks to give a standard guideline emphasizing the major developer roles that firms should consider when recruiting the angular js web application development team. 

Are they familiar with JavaScript?

Because Angular is written in TypeScript, it is highly suggested that the entire application be written in the same programming language. However, because TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript (JS), a candidate with substantial expertise working primarily with JS frameworks may still create apps quickly. Developers may easily copy current JS code and paste it into a TypeScript (.ts file), and the application will function normally.

You may also save time and money by hiring JS engineers instead of investing time and money in seeking developers that have extensive expertise working just in TypeScript.

Are They Knowledgeable About Related Technologies?

Having an extensive understanding of only one framework will not be beneficial to a front-end developer in the long term. When hiring an AngularJS developer, check for his or her expertise in working with Angular-compatible technologies.

Node.js and Angular, for example, are a common backend-frontend mix. Express, the Node.js web application framework, is largely compatible with TypeScript, and the Node Package Manager (npm) and Angular CLI make application setup relatively easier. Furthermore, Angular with Spring Boot may be used to provide a secure user experience.

While these are just a few instances of often coupled technologies with Angular, a developer who is well-versed in how this framework works will be able to think beyond the box. He or she will be able to select the appropriate tech stack in which the frontend and backend complement each other. Furthermore, a cross-functional team with knowledge in other frameworks that may be combined with Angular would be able to communicate more effectively and create innovative apps. 

Do they have a working knowledge of testing frameworks?

Because of the need to deploy applications quickly, there is an increasing demand for testing automation. There are several testing tools available, ranging from unit testing through end-to-end testing. Angular, on the other hand, offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Things can rapidly go awry if the wrong testing tool is used. Angular engineers must be familiar with leading testing technologies such as Karma, Jasmine, Jest, and Mocha.

That is why you must ensure that the developer you wish to recruit has a basic understanding of the JS testing frameworks. This will also aid in minimizing unexpected and probable risk factors.

Are they familiar with JavaScript build tools?

Developers must manage dependencies, generate packages, automate tasks, optimize images, invalidate caches, and much more while creating Angular apps. Manually conducting these activities takes time and is prone to mistakes. Using JS-based build tools might assist developers in automating repetitive operations. The following are some of the top Angular build tools:

  • Webpack is a free and open-source JS module bundler that consolidates all of your application's resources into a single file.
  • Grunt is a task runner that assists developers in automating processes like as minification, compilation, linting, unit testing, and so on.
  • Gulp is a cross-platform task runner that automates repetitive operations and improves workflow.

Do They Have Prior Experience Dealing With Version Control Systems? 

Assume you're looking for an AngularJS development service for a large-scale development project. In such a scenario, you should check to see if they have a good understanding of a Version Control System. It is a huge help in optimising development processes, managing code, and keeping track of changes made over time. More importantly, the new team members are free to evaluate the old code and avoid future problems.

Do they follow Material Design principles?

When Google published Material Create principles in 2014, several businesses used them to design their websites. Eventually, those principles became one of the best practises to follow while developing apps. If an Angular developer can follow Material Design principles, he or she can design aesthetically appealing apps for any platform.

Are they knowledgeable about sophisticated innovation using Artificial Intelligence?

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have transformed online and mobile app development. At the moment, an increasing number of firms are seeking for methods to include a "intelligent aspect" into their applications. Needless to say, it has also become a desirable ability for front-end engineers.

Indeed, Google's chrome engineers are hard at work developing future-proof web apps using Angular, Angular CLi, RxJS, and TensorFlow.js. As a result, hiring an AngularJS developer that is familiar with exploiting the potential of AI/ML might open new doors for your application in the long run.

Do They Have A Flexible Learning Curve?

We can all agree that software development is an area where there is always something new to learn, whether it's a best practise or a new tool. As a front-end framework, Angular is thought to have a high learning curve, owing to the framework's continual growth. However, the learning curve is also dependent on the degree of experience one has with JS.

Furthermore, developers must be familiar with TypeScript, Angular directives, RxJS, dependency injection, and other technologies. In reality, there are various online programs and platforms available to assist developers to learn the subtleties of TypeScript in less than two days and getting started with the project. As a result, when recruiting developers, you should look for their desire to experiment with new technologies that will make the application stand out.

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