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    Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google in May 2017. It allows you to build native apps with only a single code and profoundly uses the Dart programming language.

    Flutter becomes the first choice of most Flutter app development companies and has experienced skyrocketing growth in the past three years with a 2 million developer base. Approximately 90,000 Flutter apps are published in PlayStore, where companies uploaded 10,000 apps last month.

    Flutter always develops its features and recently launched Flutter 2.0 for improving tenancies work. This new version revised more than 24.5 thousand issues of version 1. However, Flutter 2 is best for developing fast, portable, robust, and mesmerizing web and mobile applications.

    Curious about new updates and features of Flutter? Let’s take a quick tour of it.

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    What Are The Top Flutter Features Emerged in Flutter 2.0?

    Take a quick tour of some notable and exclusive features of flutter 2.0:

    • Flutter Web Updates

    Web applications are improved significantly in Flutter 2.0 as it optimized the caching behavior with a new work loading mechanism. This web update supports the production quality of the web app with a richer platform API. In addition, it builds 2D and 3D graphics with an interactive and flexible layout for high-performance web apps.  

    Flutter updates added some significant improvement in both webs rendered, i.e., HTML and CanvasKit. In addition, it added a support shader mask to address the parity gaps between web and mobile apps.

    • Build Cross-Platform Adoptive Apps

    If you are waiting to develop an adapted app in multiple forms, modes, and idioms, then this Flutter 2.0 is for you! Since Flutter expands itself to support more platforms stably. Thus, it is modified to consider apps that help different form factors, including mobile, tablet, web, and desktop, and work effortlessly with various inputs such as touch, mouse, or keyboard.

    It goes with different platform idioms like navigation drawer and system menus for navigation. So now, Flutter develops apps that can fit all its details to the various target platforms and emerge as platform adaptive apps.

    • Improve Text Handling and Extraordinary Material Icons

    This variant of flutter gives you and the end-user a more intuitive experience by canceling the keystrokes. In addition, it allows flutter to implement new things such as using the spacebar and the arrow keys without triggering scroll events. 

    Also, for the exclusive material guidance, flutter develops two separate PRs to add new material icons, including an icon for Dash. This update brings more than 7,000 material icons for your app.

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    • Flutter Fix and DevOps

    Flutter is the developed homeland. Flutters developers community soon crosses the 5,00,000. Thus, it’s important to fix some bugs without changing its API. 

    The community changed its name from DevTools to Flutter DevTools with the release of Flutter 2.0. This new DevTool AndroidStudio, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code to evaluate for any exception and modify debugging. It simplifies the process of debugging and helps you to identify high-resolution images.

    ManekTech for Flutter App Development 

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