Node.JS is an open source server environment which runs on various platforms. It sends the tasks to the computers file system and make it ready to handle the next request. Node.JS is very memory efficient and runs single-threaded and non-blocking.


Node.JS: An Open Source Server Environment!

With the backed up knowledge of our skilled in-house developers, we bring out the best services for our clients. With the years of experience in Node.js Web Development Service, our professionals will dig out the best as per the requirement. 

We understand that it could be difficult for a business to decide to go for which platform when there are ample options to choose. Here are the following benefits will help enterprises to decide with Node.JS:

  • Speed: Node.JS is built on Google chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine; hence its library runs fast in code execution.
  • Lesser Mitigation: Node.JS do not buffer any data, the application simply output the data in chunks.
  • Single Thread Model: Node.JS uses a single thread model with event looping. Server responds in a non-blocking way that makes in highly scalable in comparison to traditional servers.
  • Non-Blocking API’s: A Node.JS based server never waits for an API to return data, it moves to the next API after calling it which makes it non-blocking and event driven. 


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Node.JS is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. It came into existence when the original developers of JavaScript extended it from something which could only run in browser to which could run on separate machine. It gives developers a tool for working in the non-blocking, event driven I/O paradigm.  
We serve for different industries over the years and have become their prominent choice in the field of technical consultation. We will come up with the premier Node.js Web Application Development Service for your business which is best suited as per your needs and resources. 

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At Manektech, we believe in offering nothing less than the best. Therefore, you have at your service, Our expert Node.JS application developers who can make best Node.JS application for your businesses!

At Manektech, We offer with expert Node.JS app development.

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