13 Facts Must Know About Shopify Development & Statistics in 2022-23

Shopify, a Canadian multinational company, provides a well-known online e-commerce platform businesses have been using to build online stores to sell products on websites or via social media. It is a software-as-a-service tool that works on a monthly subscription basis. We all know that it is a popular platform for developing a scalable and feature-rich eCommerce store, but it also gives many more benefits to its users.

Let us peep into some benefits you can leverage by creating a store using Shopify.

1) Secured and reliable platform

eCommerce store contains not only a lot of data, but it also deals with sensitive customer information like their credit card details, address, phone number, etc. Shopify aids you in enabling an SSL certificate for your store to make your portal safe and secure. 

2) Mobile responsiveness

As we are in 2022, it is impossible to consider a mobile version of any business website or eCommerce store. But, as per data, 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations. So, it is mandatory to program your online store to adapt to all smartphones, making the experience flawless. And Shopify knows how to do it. 

3) Value addition apps

Though Shopify is a feature-rich platform, it also has an app store that offers several apps that can be used to add value to your store. In addition, you can add those paid or free applications to ameliorate the functionalities of your store. 

4) Customer support

In the journey of building an eCommerce store, there may be times when you get caught in between and seek help. And there comes Shopify customer support at your rescue, which is available any time via phone and email. There is also a vast community of store owners in the community where you can get your questions answered in forums. 

5) Reliable payment gateway integration

Payment gateway reliability is crucial, and Shopify ensures your information remains secure. It is integrated with many payment gateways and has its own gateway powered by Stripe. It is simple to integrate a payment gateway into your online store.

Looking at the above benefits, it is obvious why this awfully excellent platform is so popular and in need of time. So let us check out the facts about Shopify in 2022-23 before hiring a Shopify developer.

  1. The number of live Shopify stores increased by 201% between March 2020 and January 2022. As a result, it has reached more than 3.75 million live stores in 2022. 
  2. The daily active users visiting the Shopify store are 2.1 million, which was around 58 million in 2020.
  3. Shopify is used by various companies spread in 175 different countries, having its availability in 20 major languages. 
  4. With the increased use of m-commerce, it is not bizarre to know that 79% of Shopify's traffic comes from mobile devices.
  5. The enterprise version of Shopify, known as Shopify Plus, is used by over 5300 businesses. This version is available to merchants with revenue generation of between 1$ million and 500$ million. 
  6. In the USA, Shopify is the biggest market in the eCommerce Software market there, used by 29% of eCommerce websites. 
  7. Clothing is the largest category having 75.5k Shopify stores, followed by home and garden stores.
  8. It is so amazing that Shopify made over 2.9$ billion in revenue during 2020, and in 2022 in the first half only, it generated 2.5$ million in revenue.
  9. Around 4 million eCommerce sites are built using Shopify.
  10. Not making it very expensive, Shopify's average order value is 85$.
  11. Shopify has two main ways of revenue generation. First, it charges for subscriptions, and second, for the optional eCommerce features. 
  12. Email marketing should be the must-do marketing activity being the most effective with a 4.29% conversion rate. 

13. Tesla, Sephora, and nestle are Shopify's three most prominent merchants.

No wonder the popularity and growth of Shopify speak itself about its massive adaptation by millions of companies; it is interesting to know that so many big brands are using this popular platform

The statistics mentioned above are there to help you make the decision before selecting a platform for your eCommerce portal. Looking at the data and facts carefully, it is proven that the companies using Shopify have achieved immense success by drawing more customers. You can hire a Shopify developer or a Shopify Development Company with rich industry experience to make your business reach its pinnacle. 

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